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Google SEO Guide

As Google makes up around 75 percent of search engine queries, it remains one of the most important search engines through which to pursue SEO. Understanding the foundations of Google SEO can help website owners increase organic traffic, as well as search engine rankings for relevant keywords. And while Google’s underlying system for ranking websites might seem similar to the rest, there are some key differences with Google that set it apart from search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

With StatCounter, you’ll have all the tools to measure the effectiveness of SEO on your website. Further, with StatCounter Insights, we strive to provide the in-depth analytics necessary to thrive on competitive search engines like Google. This guide intends to look into SEO as it pertains to Google, and how website owners can make the most of their online presence and ultimately improve organic traffic and Google’s search engine rankings.

Strategies for Google SEO

SEO encompasses an array of strategies, all of which should be executed to receive the most growth in your website’s organic traffic and Google rankings. For a more in-depth look at the fundamentals of SEO, you can look at our What is SEO page. Otherwise, below is a list of some of the best practices when it comes to SEO on Google:

  • Authentic Link Building: Obtaining quality inbound links for your website is crucial if you want to build your credibility in the eyes of Google. While it’s possible to buy backlinks, many of them are illegitimate, and are nowadays penalized by Google. So creating opportunities for real, authentic backlinks is key.
  • Structure Content Around Realistic Keywords: To drive more traffic to your site, structure on-site content around commonly searched keywords. Again, Google will penalize your website if you try and exploit keywords, but writing real and engaging content around these key phrases will help bring in more traffic.
  • User Experience Comes First: When it comes to Google SEO, it’s the user experience that matters more than anything else. Google’s search ranking algorithms are constantly evolving to bring users closer to the content they’re really searching for, so pursuing SEO with the user in mind is your best bet.
  • Mobile Friendliness Matters: More recently, Google has taken to penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. More users are searching from mobile phones than ever before, so it’s important to maintain a website that looks good and functions well from a mobile browser.
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