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International SEO Consultant

SEO consulting is growing rapidly as business owners take notice of the advantages a strong online web presence can bring. Small, local businesses can obviously benefit from an SEO consultant, but larger companies can as well. An international SEO consultant requires different knowledge to develop larger scaled strategies compared to local SEO, as the reach has to cross international borders.

With StatCounter, you are able to track the progress you have made from an SEO standpoint. StatCounter is trusted by local and international SEO consultants alike because of the accuracy and efficiency we provide. Before you sign up for our Growth Plan, let us fill you in on the duties of an international SEO consultant and the business types they can benefit.

Duties of an International SEO Consultant

While a local SEO consultant performs similar tasks as an international SEO consultant, the latter must perform more detailed and larger strategies. Rather than aiming for a particular area, international SEO consultants must focus on various regions. This can make strategies more complex, especially if the business in question is targeting regions with different languages.

Keyword research, one of the main aspects of any SEO strategy, is more in-depth for an international SEO consultant. While a local SEO strategy will include a handful of localized keywords, international SEO strategy requires hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords. These keywords will need to be geared for services or products and the various locations. Detailed keyword research will help larger companies rank at a national and international level.

Often times, international SEO consultants are also responsible for creating content for the business’s website based on queries found in keyword research. If the business in question wishes to appeal to various languages, the SEO consultant will be responsible for hiring efficient writers that are fluent in these languages.

Which Business can Benefit from an International SEO Consultant

Typically, international SEO consultants focus on larger brands, as these are more likely to spread internationally. These are not necessarily well-known brands, they just need to have business in multiple countries or plan on expanding across borders.

Online e-commerce stores can also benefit from an international SEO consultant as these businesses are not constrained by a local brick and mortar location. E-commerce stores can reach across multiple countries without needing locations in these countries. These businesses will need different SEO strategies as content is not nearly as important as marketing the brand.

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