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Search engine market share

When it comes to running a website for your business, a major factor in traffic and user experience within that traffic is the search engine your site visitors are using. Depending on the search engine most of your visitors are utilizing, you’ll need to ensure your site is correctly optimized to cater those users and that search engine. If it’s not, you could be missing out on potential leads and sales. With this, monitoring the current search engine market share is recommended.

At StatCounter, we strive to provide insightful metrics to our valued members so they can effectively monitor their website traffic data and take the necessary, and correct, action. To help you keep your site optimized for the right search engine, such as Google or Bing, we offer the Search Engine Wars tool. Of course you can also make great use of our Global Stats. Regardless, let’s take a deeper look into not only the current search engine market share, but what it could mean for you, your website, and your business.

What is Search Engine Market Share?

Before we discuss the current search engine market share, let us explain exactly what it is and how it can affect your website. Though it may be surprising for some, plenty of internet users type their searches in places other than Google. Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu, to name a few, are all search engines still used quite often across the globe. While Google has long been the leader (by a long shot), that’s not to say all your site’s traffic will derive from here.

Like we said, plenty of users utilize other search engines, and those users could very well be visiting your site. If they are, and your site isn’t optimized for multiple browsers, their experience on your site may not be a pleasant one, sending them elsewhere. In short, monitoring the current search engine market share could be crucial to your website and your users’ experience. So then, what is the current share?

Current Search Engine Market Share

As mentioned, Google has long been the leader of all search engines, but this year, Google actually suffered a small drop in the current share. While many would consider this to be concerning, some experts say it could be great for Google users, and even Google, as it may encourage Google to improve their algorithms and better match user search queries. Anyway, let’s take a look at the current (2016) search engine market share, according to StatCounter Global Stats. View the graph provided below:

Market Share Graph

The graph, covering the year of 2016 at a Global level for desktop use only, clearly shows Google as the leader, followed by Yahoo and Bing. While these statistics vary depending on which tool you use, our Global Stats provides a good idea of the current share. Of course, our Search Engine Wars tool, along with our Browser Stats, will give you data specific to your website, displaying what search engine your visitors are using.

Which Search Engine are Your Visitors Using?

Now that you have a better understanding on search engine market share, it’s time to determine which search engine your site visitors are using. While you can assume many will be using Google, it’s not always a safe bet—so check your stats today! If you find your visitors are using multiple browsers, you’ll need to consider optimizing your site for such.

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