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What is SEO marketing?

In order for your website to succeed, you will need to drive as much traffic as possible to it. There are many ways to go about getting more traffic, but one of the most popular and effective ways is through SEO marketing. But what is SEO marketing?

In short, SEO (search engine optimization) is a means of improving the visibility of your website on search engines. This includes unpaid search results only, and complex algorithms are used to determine the importance of that webpage for certain search queries.

In order to truly get the most out of your SEO efforts, you will need to track the performance of your website with StatCounter Insights. With StatCounter, you are able to track the number of visitors that come to your website, how long they spend on your site, and even the most popular pages. Before you sign up for StatCounter, let us explain SEO marketing in more detail.

Getting Started

The first step in SEO marketing is to choose a number of keywords that you would like your website to rank for. These keywords should be related to your industry and match the intent of people searching that query. There are a number of tools you can use to help you in keyword research. SEMRush, for example, has a cutting edge keyword research tool to help you identify keywords that are searched often. It will even give you a list of related keywords as well!

Once you have picked a number of keywords, you will need to write high-quality content around them. In the early days of SEO, it was possible to fill a webpage with a keyword as much as possible and it would soon rank for that search query. As algorithms have become more complex, however, this practice has been labeled “black hat SEO” and will now be punished by search engines.

The best way to produce high-quality content for your site is to write it naturally, focusing around the keyword. Make sure your writing sounds natural and that the usage of the keyword doesn’t sound forced, as this can be considered keyword spam by search engines.

Of course, even once you have published the new content to your site, your SEO marketing job is not complete. You will need to build some quality backlinks to help build the authority of that webpage. You can do this by guest blogging on other sites or listing your website in an online directory related to your industry.

Additionally, you will need to continuously track the progress of your website with StatCounter. If you notice certain pages are performing better than others, you might want to consider re-optimizing the underperforming pages. This will help improve their rankings in search engines and to bring more organic traffic to your site.

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