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Multiply Install Guide

Statcounter provides customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for Multiply.

  1. Copy the StatCounter code (highlight + ctrl c).
  2. Log into your Multiply.com account (opens in a new window) with your username and password.
  3. Go to "My Account".

    Multiply - My Account

  4. Select "Customize My Site".

    Multiply - Customize My Site

  5. Select "Edit" from the area labeled "About Me".

    Multiply - About Me

  6. After Step 7 (above) and "Edit Box" will pop up. Paste the StatCounter code (ctrl v) into the "Welcome Message" section. Select "Save".

    Multiply - Edit Box

  7. At the top of the page under "Site Customization" select "Done".

    Multiply - Done

  8. Note: Multiply does not allow the use of JavaScript. For this reason, some stats are unavailable: referring links, keyword anaysis, page titles, etc.
StatCounter is now active on your Multipy.com site and will immediately begin recording visitor information.

These instructions have been compiled and verified: October 2012

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