All In a StatCounter Weekend... [14th January 2007]



We got a suggestion from SanjayK.

'...I would like a Came From on a popular page drill-down...'


Guess what? You got it!

More info:

This is THE BOMB. Now we can see exactly what sources are sending all you folks to us to sign up with StatCounter – all on one page! We love it! We hope you do too.

Go to Popular Pages and click the drill down icon to the left of the web page you are interested in.

For example, let’s say that you want people to make a purchase on your site. And let’s say that successful purchases result in the visitor hitting the page purchase_made.html – you want to know what referral sources are sending people to this page i.e. who is your biggest revenue generator?

Someone might be sending you LOADS of traffic...but are these visits being turned into purchases, sign-ups, transactions??

How do you find out this CRUCIAL information??

By using our NEW FEATURE – that’s how!

Click the Came From Drill Down option and there you go.

NOW you can see what URLs are sending the people who successfully, for example, make a purchase.

So we worked all weekend...but now you’ve got another new feature!

Keep the suggestions coming folks...

Cheers Sanjay!!

The StatCounter Team

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