Most Advanced Statistic To Date 'Path' [26th May 2003]

Introducing 'Path' the latest addition to StatCounter's statistic arsenal. The most advanced feature to date, and it is being offered free of charge to all members effective immediately. This new feature, separates your visitors up based on their IP address, and shows you exactly how that IP address found your website, and what they did once they got there. If you've been wondering were you should best spend your advertising budget, which referring links deliver the best quality visitors then 'Path' is for you. If you've been wondering how exactly visitors navigate through your site, and how long they spend on each page before going to the next one, then 'Path' is for you. We will be continuing to develop and improve StatCounter by adding more and more statistics like this one. We want StatCounter to become the best free invisible web tracker and counter available to webmasters across the globe. But we can't do this without you, so as always please keep telling your friends about StatCounter!