You asked for it! [23rd August 2003]

The intended launch date for SC3 - StatCounter's third re-launch is September 15th 2003. With SC3 you will be able to:
  • Manage multiple counters and projects from one single login
  • Increase your pageload log to whatever size you like
  • Search engine statistics
  • Improved 'visitor' stats
  • Track your return on investment from marketing campaigns
And that's only to whet your appetite. We are very excited about SC3. We have already invested in a second even more powerful dedicated database server to run alongside our current one. We are going to do everything in our power to meet our September 15th launch date. I'd just like to reassure some of our members, that although we will have some of the best value pay tracking services the internet has to offer our free service is only going to be improved in SC3 - we're not taking features away. We are going to keep on developing and improving the service based on your feedback as we strive to become the best web tracker available to webmasters and website owners worldwide.