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How do I install StatCounter using Wix - HTML5 Version?

  1. Sign up for a free account at StatCounter and follow the steps to create your first project and generate your StatCounter code.
  2. If prompted, make sure to choose Wix HTML5 Version from the list of Installation Guides.
  3. Copy the StatCounter code.
  4. Log into your Wix website (opens in a new window).
  5. Click "My Account" (or click "Create" if you don't already have an existing website).

    Wix - My Account
  6. Click "Edit" to launch the HTML5 site editor.

    Wix - Edit Website
  7. Click the Plus icon to add an element, and select the 'Apps' item from this menu.

    Wix - Add App

  8. Click the "HTML" app icon.

    Wix - HTML App Icon

  9. Under the option Mode, choose 'HTML code' from the drop down list.

    Wix - Add StatCounter to Page

  10. Paste the StatCounter code into the HTML /embed code box.

    Wix - HTML Embed Code Box

  11. Click "Update".

    Wix - Click Update

  12. Resize and drag the counter to your desired location.

    Wix - Resize and Drag

  13. Click "Publish".

    Wix - Publish

  14. Repeat this for all pages of your site
  15. Please contact support if you need any assistance or have a question.

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