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Why is my log still at 100 if the "free" log-size is 500?

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In May of 2007 an email was sent out to every StatCounter member - - all 1.5 million of them, announcing that the new "free" log was being raised from 100 to 500 pageloads. Members were advised that to take advantage of the new log-size, they should login to their StatCounter account, click "Adjust Logs" on the projects page and increase existing projects by 400 pageloads.

All NEW projects will automatically start with 500 pageloads, just the way your older projects started with 100, but the adjustment must be made.

To get your projects log size set to 500 please try the following steps.

1. Login to StatCounter
2. Click the "Adjust Log" link at the top / middle of the page
3. Change the log size to 500
4. Click the "Adjust Log" button at the bottom

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