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Do I have to display a banner ad on my website? Why is this service free? I don't like free services - what are you getting out of it?

You absolutely do not have to put a banner ad on your site. We keep our
overheads to a minimum - then make our money from advertising when you log onto StatCounter to see the latest visitors to your website. We do not put advertisements on your website!

If your website is getting more than 250,000 pageloads a month, then you are outside this free model. Get in touch with us before adding the code to your website and we'll be able to offer you better stats for an excellent price. You'll get real value for money.

The primary goal behind StatCounter is to help webmasters succeed online, and we want to provide the best possible website stats to the most amount of webmasters and site owners out there. What's the point in designing a system that doesn't get used by anybody? We want as many webmasters as possible out there to be using our system. But we will only provide the service on a sustainable basis which is why websites getting over 250,000 pageloads a month either have to pay or remove the code.

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