Wix - Flash Version Install Guide

StatCounter provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for Wix - Flash Version.

Wix - Flash Version

  1. Copy the StatCounter code.
  2. Log into your Wix website (opens in a new window).
  3. Click "My Account".

    Wix - My Account

  4. Hover over the preview of your site and click "Edit" to launch the site editor.

    Wix - Edit

  5. Go to the "Widgets" section and select the "HTML" option. This will open the HTML widgets box.

    Wix - Widgets

  6. Select the "StatCounter" widget.

    Wix - StatCounter Widget

  7. Click "Settings" towards the end of the page.

    Wix - Settings

  8. Paste your StatCounter code in the HTML box and click "OK". Save and publish your changes and that's it!

    Wix - Paste Code

Your StatCounter will now begin recording visitor information and, if you chose the visible option, your counter will be visible on your Wix website! (The image below shows a sample StatCounter.)

    Wix - StatCounter
NOTE: As of May 2010, full StatCounter functionality is not available with Wix websites due to limitations with the Wix HTML widget. Page titles and referring information are not available.