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Wix - HTML5 Version Install Guide

StatCounter provides free customisable hit counters, visitor tracking, web analytics and website stats for Wix - HTML5 Version.

Wix - HTML5 Version

  1. Copy the StatCounter code.
  2. Log into your Wix website (opens in a new window).
  3. Click "My Account" (or click "Create" if you don't already have an existing website).

    Wix - My Account
  4. Click "Edit" to launch the HTML5 site editor.

    Wix - Edit Website
  5. Click the Plus icon to add an element, and select the 'Apps' item from this menu.

    Wix - Add App

  6. Click the "HTML" app icon.

    Wix - HTML App Icon

  7. Under the option Mode, choose 'HTML code' from the drop down list.

    Wix - Add StatCounter to Page

  8. Paste the StatCounter code into the HTML /embed code box.

    Wix - HTML Embed Code Box

  9. Click "Show on all pages".

    Wix - Show on all pages

  10. Click "Update".

    Wix - Click Update

  11. Resize and drag the counter to your desired location.

    Wix - Resize and Drag

  12. Click "Publish".

    Wix - Publish

Full StatCounter functionality is not available with Wix websites due to limitations with the Wix HTML widget. Page titles and referring information are not available.

These instructions have been compiled and verified: October 2012

The code checker will say "Code not detected" even when things are setup perfectly. This is due to how Wix handles extra code. You can check the installation by visiting your site and then checking the stats to see if the hit was logged.

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