Our mission is to help our members easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful online.

We have set out a number of founding principles to support this aim:

Fast, responsive, quick loading service

StatCounter was born out of the frustration of Founder and CEO, Aodhán Cullen from using a counter service that was loading slower and slower every single day. This slowed down his personal and business websites, which needed to load quickly to keep his visitors happy. Aodhan was sure that there were many webmasters, bloggers, marketers and other website owners with similar frustrations - wanting a fast loading service that wouldn’t slow down their website.

Reliable Service

Another irritating phenomenon of counter services is that they go boom and bust very quickly and you're left with a dangling gaping big broken image hole on your website. StatCounter has been providing this service since 1999. We've been through a lot of blood, sweat and tears, agony and ecstasy, misery and joy, heartache and ... well you get the picture. It's been a long journey - 5 years - 3 re-launches - over a billion hits tracked. We've been through the rough times, we've learned from our early mistakes. We've gotten very experienced administering web applications that have to take an extreme load. It has been rock solid since the last re-launch. When the demand increases we just add more dedicated servers to the pool.

We're on a mission to become the best web tracker available to webmasters and website owners - we know this is a tough business, but we're here to stay. Good times and bad.

Unobtrusive Tracking

Have you experienced the 'lets provide a free counter service for a few months then whack them with a charge without any warning', followed closely by the 'free accounts are now worthless we'll just plaster their website with intrusive ads and pop-ups'. This is yet another annoying trend that we've noticed about counter services.

You've spent a long time developing your website, now you want to know who is visiting it. Fair enough. But does that mean you have to subject your visitors to ugly advertising from your counter service? Well we certainly don't believe so - with StatCounter you get what is probably the most configurable free hit counter available in the world, as well as the option to go completely invisible. There are absolutely no ads on your website!

We Listen To Your Needs

There's one reason, and one reason only that StatCounter has become so popular. That reason is you, and other people like you who have become StatCounter members. You are our livelihood.Please keep recommending our services to your friends and colleagues.

We are always listening to your needs. We are consistently trying to improve the service and add more features. We are fast becoming the ultimate webmaster and marketing tool and it's all thanks to you. Take a look at what our members are saying.

If you're still not sure if StatCounter is for you please feel free to contact our full time support team with any questions you may have. They'll bring you up to speed on whatever you need to know. If you have any suggestions to improve the service please post your feedback our Feedback Page.

Final Word

We could go on, and on and on about our service ... seriously we could. Did you get that impression? But there's only one way to find out if we really are what you are looking for. Sign up for your free account right now. You could be viewing in-depth webstats and a real-time analysis of the visitors to your website in the next few minutes! Remember, it's free. What could be better than that!?

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