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We are a small wordpress blog. We use both Statcounter and Google Analytics. Compared with Google Analytics, Statcounter is much easier to use. It shows the most important metrics in a very simple way which makes my work easier to do. I have to say Statcounter is much better for bloggers like me. Thank you very much for your work!

Steven, |

Statcounter has been our favourite tool for measuring and optimizing growth. We love it because it gives us the most complete picture of how people use FriendMatch over other website stat programs, and because the data is presented in an easy-to-read format. It is hard to imagine running any website, large or small, without the valuable information that Statcounter provides.

Katie Hartle, FriendMatch |

We've been using Statcounter since our first project, it provides us with large amount of data that helps us to improve our business metrics.

One of the biggest advantages we fell in love with at the very beginning, is that we can see large amount of data in real time and that helps us to take quicker decisions.

In summary, Statcounter in a big analytic tool highly recommended to use as it is or with Google Analytics.

Alejandro Sánchez Blanes, Freepik |

I have used for many years. I wouldn't have a website without it. It's really easy to see the data and make decisions from it without having to be an expert.

Adam Curtis, Hoowla |

Statcounter has been helping me for 7 years to have a clear and precise overview of how my websites are performing. What is important to us is fast knowledge about website information that can help us increase our business without us having to get headaches trying to understand how analytic programs work. The easy and simple usability of Statcounter made the difference for us.

Oscar Helm - |

We've used a lot of tracking software over the years, but Statcounter has always been the one we log in to, day after day, for a quick, clear view of traffic flow across our web properties. With Statcounter, we don't have to dig for what we want to see, and that has enabled us to react quickly to problems and take advantage of opportunities we may have otherwise missed.

Chance Agrella, Freerange Stock |

Statcounter has been invaluable to the growth of the Storyberries website. Through its detailed data, I've been able to see how parents read the stories on our site, which has enabled me to provide a richer reading experience for our millions of visitors around the world. By being able to focus on popular stories, the paths our readers take to get there, and the times of day where our visitors snuggle up with a story, we've been able to ensure that we keep providing timely popular stories that our visitors will love. Thank you, Statcounter!

Jade Maitre, Storyberries |

We are using Statcounter and Google Analytics. By comparison, Statcounter is a lot simpler to use than Google Analytics, easy to analyze customer behavior with a click of the mouse, track pdf views with the Download Activity report and outbound link clicks with the Exit Link Activity report, nice weekly analytics report...

Mark, |

When we were launching teachoo, we wanted to track what the users did, Statcounter was a fast and reliable alternative. Since we are content site, there have been a lot of instances where statcounter helped prevent people from copying our data since it shows real time data with insights from number of pages viewed to the ip address. The new custom tags is an awesome addon!

teachoo - India |

StatCounter is a really great alternative for Google Analytics. It has very intuitive interface and a lot features such as Keyword Analysis or single visitor tagging. We highly recommend it to anyone.

Piotr - Free Virtual Servers - UK |

Very satisfied on how this StatCounter helps me monitor my website. Very accurate analytics and it's too user-friendly. Thanks StatCounter! Kudos to the team!

Aniel Mark - Netherlands |

StatCounter is definately one of the best web traffic analytics product available today. All its analytics and visitor tracking features are free, However if you want detailed analysis you can pay according to the traffic on your site. It also gives you a detailed analytical into the visitor behaviour and how they engage with any website. StatCounter also even surpassed its more popular counterpart, such as Google Analytics and Piwik in terms of details about page views. StatCounter without any doubt is the perfect choice for the website owners and offers best return on investment.

Pandia |

Any small business owner can now enter the e-commerce market with a website, but that doesn't mean the site will be optimized for search and conversion. StatCounter is so effective because it was created to make complex website data simple for anyone to understand. The uncomplicated interface puts data in context by supplying information about why the statistics are significant, allowing small business owners to act on necessary site updates. By offering explanations of the importance of the data -- and even educational tools to learn about SEO -- StatCounter sets itself apart from the analytics crowd. |

Many site owners underestimate the importance of speed and performance, as well as how accurate analytics can help maximize potential ROI for their site. The fact that StatCounter is able to provide such a wealth of actionable insights to users with such a small, accountable team is remarkable. We would recommend the tool to anyone seeking information about their website and its usage in order to maximize the return on their investment. |

A very very efficient tool to track website user statistics. It is highly user friendly and no need to be an expert to configure the details. I highly recommend StatCounter. |

The words that come to mind when I think of statcounter are steadfast, reliable, consistent, useful I wish there was an affiliate program .....

Carl Leitz |

Elég sok látogatás számlálót kipróbáltam de ez veri mindet! Remek munkát végeztek! Köszi!!!

↪ I have tried many Visitor Counters before but this one beats all! Great job! Thanks!!!
Simon Péter |

Statcounter is de beste in het weergeven van bezoekers die uw site bezoeken. Statcounter dringt niet aan om te upgraden. Wat dat betreft is het een goed uitgangspunt. Ondertussen kan je gerust je site beoordelen, in welke mate deze bezocht wordt. Upgraden komt later wel, als de site optimaal presteert. Uitstekende service.. Dit is echt een webmastertool.. TOPPIE

↪ Statcounter is the best for calculating visitors to your site. Statcounter does not force you to upgrade - a good starting point. Meanwhile you can have your site visits recorded with ease. You can upgrade later when your site is performing optimally. Fantastic service.. This is a top webmaster tool.. GREAT
Ronny Wong Fat |

I've been using your service for years. I have to say it is one of best free offerings I've seen in a long time. I can only hope that our success will get to the point we need to pay for your service, but in the meantime I just wanted to say Thank You, and keep up the good work. I wish you all the best and success.

Rick, |

Real easy to set up, nice one guys!

Kel Britton |

You offer an Excellent product! I am very impressed with reliability of your counter, detailed graphical reports, preciseness. WOW! Definitely come back and recommend your StatCounter to all my friends! BRAVO!

Taras K |

Feedback on the 2010 StatCounter Redesign

StatCounter's redesign is vastly improved with more simplicity and better organizational clarity, a more pronounced and structured focus on usability. Best wishes with the new site!

Ross Blaettner, Business Innovation AND Technology Solutions |

The layout is more simple and I think would appeal to a wider audience ... The fact that you're listening to people's comments is refreshing!

David, |

The navigation seems smoother - and the gui more intuitive with some new but subtle features - or perhaps features that were overlooked previously.

Carl, |

Just wanted to tell you again how much I like everything. Wish I could say the same for a number of other sites that I visit often that have done 'makeovers'. Keep up the good work!

Blair, |

I am loving this redesign so far!!!
I always go to Visitor Paths and scroll the page - I find VP gives me most of what I need to know from where they are, how they found me to where they landed, and went on my site and how they left my site - I can label IPs easily - and keep watch for specific hits i.e. affiliates and comment spammers - it's all there in one page view. LOVE this!

Karen, |

Solid 5 out of 5 Award in All Professional Reviews

Internet Magazine 5 Star Award Internet Magazine 5 Star Award
October 2003
  Tucows 5 Cows Award Tucows 5 Cows Award
September 2004

Older Feedback (2005)

We're amazed at the power from Statcounter. We'll definitely be passing your link on.. and on.. and on..
Now we know how many people are reading our site we're gettin kinda spooked.... who are they, what do they think of it... are they all stalkers????? Yikes
Great stuff, Thanks for the counter.

The Junkies (Soon to be the biggest name in music) |

We are fortunate to have a 'web-master' so we leave the technical stuff to him. But as I am the main 'writer' & have a real reason & motivation for our site, I care very much about whether it is being:
a) used &
b) possibly meaningful to some people.
Through your great services we can have some knowledge - even encouragement.
So I wasn't sure how to contact 'you' - but hope those responsible - for what to me seems a marvellous service - is at least thanked.
It is really, really helpful & great in every way! - (You are so clever!)

Suzanna, G.O.Fellowship, & 'The Watchmans Post' |

Dear StatCounter,
Thank you for the continued improvements, recently the customizable Summary Stats are excellent, I like the many options available. Generally I have never been disappointed with StatCounter, I am always surprised with new features and options you keep providing.

John Beres |

Excellent improvement on the summary stat! Exactly what I have asked and hoped for! Thank you

Per Karlsson |

My name is Nathan and I'm a Statcounter Junkie...
As I seat myself at the computer, log in and check my website stats for the 7th time today, it suddenly hits me. I'm addicted to StatCounter and I can't help myself.... I'm constantly amazed by the variety of visitors that my site receives. From Turkey to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to Fiji (and all points in between), there's something inherently fascinating about watching something that you've created attract so much attention from around the globe.
The level of detail provided by StatCounter's logs is truly remarkable. I find that I'm constantly refining and changing my pages to suit my visitors, their screen resolution, browsers and operating systems. I still can't believe that they provide all of this for free with no requirement to provide a visible link to their site.
So thank you StatCounter. I extoll the virtues of your services to anyone who cares to listen and I'll continue to do just that!

Nathan Smith, |

I run websites for a number of voluntary organisations. Primary criteria for anything I use is that it must be minimum cost - preferably free. When I stumbled across StatCounter I was cautious. I spoke with some professional colleagues who all asked the same question - what's the catch: we still can't find one.
In the week I've been running StatCounter I've learned that I need to re-size my pages to give access to all of those still running 800x600 screen resolution, what the favourite pages are, where my visitors come from: 10% from the USA! - even one from Greece. 99% of my visitors use Internet Explorer and they spend between 5 seconds and 30 minutes on my site. And all without popup adds or graphics that don't quite match - you don't even mind that I hide the counter!
Thank you for producing a really useful tool.

Tony Bell, Press Officer, Suffolk Basketball |

I LOVE this service, LOVE IT! I'm so impressed with you guys, you have no idea. I'm a small business and is helping me make everyday decisions in real time! I am able to figure out what is working for my new websites and my new business immediately after I implement a change. I can't thank you enough.
Every small business owner that doesn't have the cash at first to purchase tracking add ons for their Websites should WORSHIP you! Your helping me on my way to earning revenues, I'll certainly be upgrading my service soon to pay back for the help you provided a small guy like me in the beginning. Big thanks from a small company CEO. Thanks again for your wonderful, wonderful product!

Colin McGrath, President/CEO |

I received the long-awaited email, saying that StatCounter were taking new projects on board and I hastily got my account up and running.
It's easy to read testimonials with a cynical viewpoint, but for once I have to agree; this service is rather exceptional. I first went looking for an alternative hit counter because my hosting service was reporting some rather bizarre statistics that flew in the face of what I'd researched (apparently everyone out there in Cyber-world uses Netscape 4.0).
So onto Google I went, and stumbled across StatCounter. It was free, it said (but only if you want the absolute minimum of stats, I thought). It could be invisible, it said (but only if you pay a premium, I thought). It didn't asphixiate your site with pop-up windows, it said (yeah right, I thought, where's the catch?) Well it turned out I was wrong and that all the testimonials were quite right.
At a time when the Internet is getting cynical and over-commercialised and is being villified by the media, it's so refreshing to see a site that just wants to deliver a free and high-quality product. Thank you, StatCounter, I stand corrected!

Carmen, North Wales |

I just wanted to say that I am absolutely blown away that StatCounter is free!! (now don't decide you oughta charge cause of these kinds of comments! ). I am so very impressed and want you to know I appreciate it sooo much! You offer so many features. The invisible counter is just what I've been looking for and the option to disable logging my own visits is great! I'm telling everyone I know to check you guys out. I had a problem and visited your \"support\" page and immediately found what to do about it, and it worked perfectly. (Can you tell I'm pleased with your service?)

rekw, Missouri, USA |

Am I dreaming. Is this for real?
After 2 weeks of searching for a service that would give me the statistics I needed from my sites visitors, I stumbled across your site. There it was in front of me, everything I needed and more and FREE! As I type this I am uploading my pages with the code. I've viewed the demo pages and have no doubt that this is exactly the tool I need to track how my affiliates are going. I can not thank you enough for offering a much needed service at the right price to small website owners with NO budget. Seems I was wrong. Not everyone is out to make a quick buck off those trying to get somewhere.
Thank you.

Ann, Queensland, Australia |

Dear Aodhán,
I have been really bragging about your product! In addition, the quarterly meeting for our Board of Trustees and the Foundation was last week and the two groups were given a review of the updates to our website including the web counter and statistics I had printed from the StatCounter site. They were "blown off their socks" (their words, not mine) impressed with the product and what it was able to track. One person has already added it to their site and several others copied the information I had printed so they could look at your site later.
They were also very impressed with the cost! We were given bids from a local webhosting service for the creation and maintenance of the site that included a hit counter (which I now do internally from our agency) and they wanted to charge a ridiculous fee for this service! We are a non-profit child welfare agency and anything we can do to keep our costs down is of great value!
Thanks again!

Sue Tode, Marketing Coordinator, Chaddock |

I must tell you that I'm stunned by the high level of this site. You have truly a done a wonderful job here, and there is no doubt that this is the best COUNTER site of the web.

Oren, Paragon Creations |

Dear Aodhán
I never believe in free service as free service normally have all sort of problem and disadvantages.
But I was wrong when I found statcounter; this is the best stats tracker service that I have ever found in my whole entire internet marketing experience!! Not only it's free, it is equip with features that other company are charging!
Aodhán, You are doing a great favor for the online marketer. Keep up the good work!!

Patric, Infopreneur, eSuccess Mastery |

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