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Click fraud is costing you up to 25% of your ad revenue!

Click fraud is an increasing problem for any business running digital advertising campaigns on Google Adwords or Bing Ads, with an estimated 25% of ad clicks being fraudulent in 2017. That's a quarter of your digital advertising spend being lost to clicks by bots, click farms and competitors. What's more, the tools provided on Google's Adwords are ill equipped to detect the problem, and are more likely to increase the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Stop click fraud the easy way.

Statcounter gives you the tools to be able to easily detect, track and report on suspicious activity, saving money and giving you peace of mind.

Identify repeat visits from the same IP address

Access detailed information for each visitor to your website, such as City, ISP and IP address. Label individual visitors you identify as suspicious and track them as they click on your ads.

Set email and mobile alerts for any visitor

Get email and mobile notifications when the visitors you have identified as click fraudsters return to your website.

Track visit lengths and visitor locations

Check for a high number of clicks from unexpected locations and unusually short visit lengths to catch out bots and click farms.

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I had two conversations with Google Adwords Express about our site being clicked upon in egregious amounts from a specific user. Google said they would try and help but they would need a lot of information. I told Google I have dates, time of day and IP addresses of the abusive Click Fraudster and within seconds I copied and pasted the history from Statcounter, sent and email to Google Adwords Express and we were able to remedy the paid fees. With the help of Statcounter were, we correcetly identified the fraudster to Google with ease.
Dr. Thomas Tippins
Urbandale Family Dentistry
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