See why your visitors aren’t converting

Watch recordings of your visitor’s and see your website through their eyes as they are using it.

See what works, what breaks, where things can be improved and the friction points and frustrations that may be turning your visitors away, and losing you valuable conversions and sales.


Track your landing page conversion rate

See the percentage of visitors to your landing pages that went on to meet your website goal. Whether that’s completing a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter, conversion rate tracking helps you monitor the performance of your landing pages.


Analyze your traffic trends over time

Track how your key metrics are performing over time by comparing pageviews, sessions, visitors and new visitors for any date range. Spot negative trends so you can react quickly and turn things around and positive trends so you can see the results of your efforts.


Never miss an important visitor

Set alerts to be notified when an individual visitor returns to your website so you never have to miss an important visitor again. Chose to be alerted by email or on your mobile device via the Statcounter mobile app.


See how your website is doing at a glance.

The reports dashboard displays the most meaningful aggregate metrics for a clear overview of how your website is performing and the ability to drill down into each report for deeper analysis.
Traffic Sources
See the percentage of your visitors coming from search, referring websites, social media and direct traffic. Drill down further to see individual referring websites and keywords.
Visitor Locations
Get a clear picture of where your visitors are when they browse your website. From Country down to IP Address level, our comprehensive visitor location data maps out your audience.
Visitor Engagement
Monitor your visitor's returning visits, visit lengths and file downloads to see how engaged they are with your website.
System Stats
View aggregate information about your visitors' browsers, platforms, screen resolutions and operating systems so you can make informed decisions on building and testing your website.
Popular Pages
Identify the most heavily visited pages, and optimise them for maximum impact by viewing the pages of your website ranked by popularity.
Exit Links
See how many times your banner ads and links to other websites are being clicked by your visitors.

Analyze your Google keyword data

Sync your Google keyword data with Statcounter and unlock the search terms and phrases visitors are using to find your website.


Add descriptive information about your visitors

Visitor Labels enable you to add descriptive information about your visitors to help you track them as they visit, leave, and return to your site. Store notes, business names, customer IDs, and more.


Get the complete story in your inbox

Create email reports that deliver basic summary stats so you can quickly see how your site is doing or configure detailed reports that include all of the key metrics you are tracking for your projects. Our mobile-friendly email reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly.


Keep your bounce rate in check

See the percentage of single page visits broken down by page. Bounce rate shows you where to focus on improving content, speeding up page load time and improving usability.


Get full visibility of your visitor's experience.

Remove the blind spots and uncover the browsing activity of individual visitors in real time with our recent activity feeds.
Visitor Activity Feed
Watch a real-time, live feed of your visitors to see their location and system stats, and understand their behaviour and engagement.
Visitor Paths
Make informed decisions about design and content by examining the navigation paths your visitors take through your website.
View a forensic level of detail on each of your visitors and identify anonymous web traffic as leads and customers.

Zone in on your important visitors with filters

Cut through the noise of your web traffic and highlight specific visitor types with our powerful filters. Focus on your most engaged visitors and the ones who convert. Examine your paid traffic visitors who bounced. Make a shortlist of sessions to watch with Session Replay.


Export your data for further analysis

Export your data from any Statcounter report for further analysis in a spreadsheet or other third party software.


Keep track of your website while on the move

Access your stats from anywhere on your phone or tablet and get notifications when individual visitors return to your website. The Statcounter mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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