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Live Visitor Feed
Watch a real-time, live feed of your visitors. See individual visitor’s location and system stats and add labels and alerts.
See how your website is doing at a glance. Track your traffic trends to highlight problems and discover opportunities.
Visitor Alerts
Set alerts to be notified when an individual visitor returns to your website so you never have to miss an important visitor again.
Page Analytics
View trends for individual pages on your site with a breakdown of referrals from search, other websites, social and paid traffic.
Click Fraud Detection
Detect fraudulent clicks on your ads and submit our downloadable reports to your ad networks to claim a refund.
Email Reports
Configure daily, weekly or monthly email reports to include all of the key metrics you are tracking for your websites.
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If you have a gut feeling, you test it, and then the data better back it up to be able to continue doing it. For this, I absolutely love Statcounter.
Andi Lucas
Hummingbird Marketing Services
One of the main reasons I choose Statcounter over of Google Analytics is because it's so user friendly. It has a really nice interface with clear reports.
Mike Pead
Primary Image
Statcounter has been our favourite tool for measuring and optimizing growth. We love it because it gives us the most complete picture of how people use FriendMatch
Katie Hartle

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