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Best Web Hosting UK

Getting the best web hosting service for your business is going to depend on your business’s unique needs. It is important to find a plan that supports the features that are important for your website’s success. Whether you are looking to make a web store with a solid ecommerce platform, or a place that can show off your brand, web hosting plays a role. Looking for the best web hosting in the UK requires some research.

At StatCounter, our focus is on the success of your website. While we provide a number of tools to help you track the success of your website, we know it is important to find the right web hosting solution. That’s why we offer great information on web hosting solutions and providers to keep you informed on every aspect of your website. Here is a look at the best web hosting providers in the UK and why a great web hosting service is beneficial to your business.

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The International Nature of Web Hosting

It is important to note that a business in the UK doesn’t need to limit itself to using UK web hosting options. Many web hosting providers work internationally because every business in the world can benefit from web hosting services. The Internet, itself, eliminates the borders and allows people across the world to communicate and share information. That’s why web hosting providers naturally find their fit in an International market.

Websites can be run by anybody all around the world, but the data that is on a website can be located in a completely different location. Your business is always free to look into other web hosting solutions. The important thing is to find a web hosting solution that is right for your business. With that said, here is a look at some of the best web hosting providers in the UK and the types of plans they offer for your business.

Best UK Web Hosting

It takes a while to research web hosting solutions and finding the right company for your website is important. Your business needs to be able to properly present itself through its website. A host should be able to provide enough customization to implement the right features to sell or display your products and services. It’s time to take a look at the web hosting providers based out of the UK.


This web host is based out of the UK and offers many types of web hosting services. They have shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. On top of that, they give users the option to use WordPress hosting, Joomla! hosting, & Drupal hosting. WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal are very popular content management software (CMS) that can be used to make great websites without any coding knowledge.

This web host makes it easy to start a website using CMS. This is a great service because it allows your business to avoid the headaches of installing the CMS on its own. They are able to provide business with domain names that will effectively reach your UK audience. It is important to have a domain name that properly fits your target audience.

Heart Internet

This is another UK web hosting provider that has great solutions for UK businesses. They also offer shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. They don’t offer as any managed CMS solutions as 123-Reg. Your business can utilize managed WordPress hosting through their services. Quick setup of these tools will allow you to manage your site’s content through WordPress right from the get go.

Their WordPress hosting solution is an excellent deal for businesses that want to use WordPress as their CMS. However, if you’d like a managed service for other types of CMS, such as Drupal and Joomla, you’ll have to find another provider. However, their solutions are secure and offer a great value for their users.


1&1 is founded in Germany, but since the early 2000s, they have been closely tied to the UK. They are an international web host that provides solutions globally. They have grown a lot and can provide web hosting solutions that surpass many other web hosting providers. As one of the top hosting providers, they offer shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting.

Their plans give businesses the flexibility to scale their solutions whenever needed. From their shared hosting plans all the way to their dedicated server plans, there is a plan that can be the perfect fit for your business. As a registrar, they also sell domains that can be the perfect fit for your website. 1&1 stands out by providing free SSL certificates so businesses can easily use ecommerce platforms on their site.

As our trusted domain and web hosting provider, 1&1 offers a range of affordable yet high-quality web hosting solutions. Better yet, most of their plans come with a free SSL certificate for added security.

Why Finding A Good Web Host Matters

A good web host matters because the power they provide to your business is going to reflect in your site’s search results. It is more and more important to have a website with excellent uptime, fast loading speeds, and security. The best web hosting providers are going to keep the server your site is on, running efficiently at all times. They will also be responsive to any problems with servers to keep websites working properly. If your site is reliable and secure, it will show up higher in the search results.

Track Web Traffic With StatCounter

Once you have your website hosted on the best web hosting solution for your business, it is time to start tracking your success. StatCounter tools are designed to give our members a clear view of their website’s analytics. Members can see where their traffic is coming from and what pages are drawing in the most visitors. They can also see how visitors are navigating through their site once they land on a page. This insight allows businesses to make the best decisions in regards to their web design to promote better traffic.

If you have any questions about our tools, you can contact StatCounter member support by filling out the form below.

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