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Cheap Dedicated Servers

Even though your business is ready to update to a dedicated server, the fact remains that it is going to cost your business more money to run a website on a dedicated server. Whether you are upgrading from a shared environment or a VPS plan, you’re going to want to find a dedicated server that will fulfill your needs. While there are options that will give you cheap solutions, it is often better to go with trusted providers.

At StatCounter, we find it incredibly important to provide our valued members with all the tools and information they need to create a successful website. While our main offering is analytical tools for websites, we have curated a number of articles on web hosting to help businesses with the decisions that go toward their website. With that said, here is what you need to know about cheap dedicated servers and the best options for dedicated server hosting.

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Why Cheap Options Aren’t Cheap

A very common trend in cheap hosting options is that they end up being more expensive than you expect. Often, there is a lack of options for updating your plans, and updates are pricier than many web hosting providers. A cheap option for dedicated servers will only limit your growth and the solutions won’t be as extensive in terms of resources and tools. Luckily, businesses that are looking into dedicated servers tend to be bigger and find more value in dedicated servers.

A cheap solution won’t offer enough resources for businesses to take full advantage of the server. Having a dedicated server is about growth, and a business needs to be able to grow their website with the dedicated resources. When looking into a dedicated environment, your business needs to go with the hosting provider that is going to give you the proper value for hosting services. A dedicated plan is highly customizable because it provides businesses with full control over the server.

Why Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

There are many reasons to upgrade your website to a dedicated server, especially if you are currently on a shared server. A dedicated server will give you a unique IP address, full access to the RAM, tons of server space, and an overall increase in the performance of your site. VPS users will finally have complete control over the server when moving to a dedicated plan. With full access to the server, they can implement all the tools they need to run their website.

Dedicated Server Providers

While there are many web hosting providers in the web hosting industry, you need a provider who can handle large scale projects. A provider needs to be able to give your business access to all the features you are looking for. The following web hosting providers are well known in the industry and offer great deals on dedicated hosting solutions.


With GoDaddy, your business has the option of Linux or Windows based servers. If you are looking into a Linux server, GoDaddy’s plans start at $69.99 per month. This plan gives businesses plenty of resources to start getting the most out of their website. What stands out with GoDaddy’s plan is the SSL Certificate. Right away, ecommerce websites are able to provide secure payment methods to their customers.

Unfortunately, it costs more for businesses looking for Windows servers for their website. If you are more comfortable using a Windows server, it may be better to look at other options for your hosting. Otherwise, it is nice to take advantage of the huge storage space and unmetered bandwidth that GoDaddy has to offer. As your business and website grows, they offer 3 other plans to grow into.


If you are looking into a Windows server for your hosting solution, HostGator offers both Windows and Linux operating systems for $79.00 a month. Their Windows hosting is cheaper than GoDaddy’s plan so they are a great alternative for businesses that want to head in that direction. They also offer 4 different plans for dedicated servers and give users plenty of resources to grow.

While HostGator makes it easy to choose between Linux and Windows by pricing them at the same point, they don’t offer unmetered bandwidth. The storage space also tends to be capped at 1TB. If you anticipate growing beyond those means, it is recommended you look at other plans that can handle your needs.


For businesses looking to give dedicated hosting a try, 1&1 is by far the best option. They offer Linux-based servers at no cost so businesses can get a taste of dedicated resources. Not only that, 1&1 plans offer plenty of growth in terms of RAM and storage space. For 3 months, your business will be able to experience the best performance and customization of your website, software, and other applications.

Once the 3 month trial period is over, the cost goes to $69.99 per month, but your business will be able to determine if a dedicated server is the right solution for your business. A Windows server will cost slightly more, but with their 3 month trial period, you can also determine if a Windows server is right for your business. 1&1 offers businesses peace-of-mind for their web hosting needs.

As our trusted domain and web hosting provider, 1&1 offers a range of affordable yet high-quality web hosting solutions. Better yet, most of their plans come with a free SSL certificate for added security. 1&1 also has a reputation as one of the best web hosting providers in the entire world. Learn more about 1&1’s dedicated hosting plans here.

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