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Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server hosting offers businesses a large range of options for their IT projects and resources. For businesses looking for IT resources or support, the cloud is an incredibly flexible tool that provides hardware and software solutions. In the past, businesses had to invest heavily in technology to have access to the resources easily available on the cloud. The cloud is making IT solutions more easily and quickly accessible to a growing number of businesses.

While StatCounter doesn’t offer cloud hosting for your business, we do provide information on all topics that go toward your business’s performance. We provide our valued members with the tools and analytics to build successful websites and monitor their traffic. With that said, we also aim to provide information for our members to make effective decisions with their website and technology. Here is some information about cloud server hosting and how businesses benefit from this technology.

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Cloud hosting servers give businesses solutions to overcome IT limitations. Web hosting and cloud hosting play an important role in your business. We offer a range of articles to give our members a good understanding of these topics. Learn more information in the links below:

Who Benefits From Cloud Servers?

In the past, cloud servers were much more expensive, therefore, harder for companies to acquire. The cloud industry and services they provide have grown enormously. With that growth, they are able to reach a wider range of businesses and provide excellent solutions for a number of business processes. Cloud servers can be rented at a monthly rate from cloud hosting or web hosting providers.

Depending on the level of cloud hosting, every business has the potential to benefit from the cloud. Cloud servers are used to provide many major services such as email, so the use of the cloud is increasingly common. A wide assortment of software and applications are offered through the cloud. Business software such as sales, CRM, accounting, ERP, content management software, and many others are available to use through an Internet connection.

The Advantage of Cloud Hardware

Cloud servers make hardware more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Before the cloud, businesses had to invest in their own server or hardware to implement software solutions. This put the cost of technological advancement out of the price range for many businesses. Now, businesses can easily get servers at a relatively low monthly cost and have complete access to the servers. This means they can alter the servers in any way and upgrade the hardware to include more storage, RAM, etc.

Cloud server hosting allows businesses to configure their solutions while gaining access to powerful technology. The flexibility is incredibly beneficial because it gives added control over their hardware from anywhere. A cloud server removes the need to physically store and alter your server. Businesses no longer need to build a space that can properly store and cool their servers. Instead, the servers are located offsite, in a data center, under heavy security. All of these costs are included with your cloud server hosting plan. The host manages the storage and protection of your IT infrastructure.

Software Solutions Through Cloud Services

With a cloud server, you have the ability to take your software with you wherever you go. Employees are given more flexibility when their software is hosted on a cloud server. The cloud is accessible through the Internet and a web browser, meaning that any place with an Internet connection will give users access to their software. This is incredibly beneficial for employees to remain productive while traveling on business.

The cloud is improving accessibility and making sure businesses can stay connected, even when they are located elsewhere on the road. Not only that, the software available through the cloud is always improving. Cloud server hosting is the most effective way to put your software on the cloud because it gives users the ability to increase their productivity when they are not in the office. It is especially beneficial for people who travel a lot in their position.

Pro Tips

There are three types of cloud hosting, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).SaaS is used to offer software solutions over the internet. IaaS equips businesses with their own virtualized hardware or computing infrastructure. And PaaS simplifies the process of creating and delivering applications.

Five Benefits of Cloud Servers

There are common ways businesses benefit from utilizing cloud servers. The cloud gives businesses greater access to solutions that they couldn’t fit in their budgets before. Here is a look at five ways the cloud is improving business.

  • Freedom: From control over your server environment to remote access to your hosted software solutions, cloud servers allow users to have more freedom in the workplace. Businesses are able to choose how their hardware works, what software is on their server, and where they want to access it from.
  • Stability: A cloud server hosting provider focuses their energy on keeping your systems running. They have a lot of resources that go toward the performance of your server and ensure that your business has excellent uptime. Businesses require reliable access to their work.
  • Security: This is an incredibly important feature for businesses. The data hosted on their cloud server is sensitive and needs to be protected. Find a cloud or web hosting provider that meets the security standards your business requires for hosted data.
  • Efficiency: The cloud improves your efficiency, but it also improves energy efficiency. Cloud providers focus their budgets on getting the best energy-efficient technology. This means that their servers will lower your carbon footprint.
  • Cost-Effective: This is the most cost-effective way to gain access to powerful computing technology. Your business will save on storage, cooling, and the actual server hardware.

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Use StatCounter Tools To Analyze Traffic

While a cloud hosting solution is important, it is just as important to monitor the success of your website. We offer our members the tools to successfully track traffic to their site and determine which pages are performing the best. You will be able to see the flow of traffic, where it came from, and how visitors interact with your website. This insight will lead you to make effective decisions in your web design and architecture. Your success can be measured and replicated to increase the value of your website.

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