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Drupal Hosting

Drupal is a popular program for businesses to manage their web content. It gives users an easy platform to organize the content found on their website without the need to know coding languages, such as HTML or CSS. For businesses, a website is an incredibly important tool to spread information about their products and services online. For many businesses, it is crucial to have the right content management system in place to run their website. Drupal hosting makes it easy to use the CMS on your site.

For websites, Drupal provides tools for easy content authoring, and web building that is scalable and SEO friendly. From businesses running one site, to those who run many for different brands or geographies, there are benefits to using Drupal as their method of managing their content. In essence, Drupal is used to easily create and manage many types of websites. Drupal is often used to create:

  • Blogs
  • Personal or Corporate Websites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Portals and Forums
  • Intranets
  • Ecommerce

From small charities to the largest corporate and government portals, Drupal is often the CMS behind their online sites. Drupal hosting offers users flexibility and scalability to building their sites. A quality Drupal hosting service will give your site great performance and management to make sure it’s always accessible.

The Benefits of Drupal Web Hosting

It is important to note that Drupal Web Hosting gives businesses more control over their website while removing maintenance tasks. Drupal hosting is also great because it ensures that your site is built on a server designed to make the CMS work to its full potential. Here are a couple ways Drupal Hosting improves your site and makes it rank higher on Google.

High-Performance Websites

Page loading times play an incredibly important role in the success of your website. It doesn’t matter how visually appealing your website is if it doesn’t load. People visiting your website will give up on waiting for your site to load and head somewhere else. Bounce rates will increase if your site isn’t loading properly and your performance will take a hit.

While fast load times give visitors a better experience on your site, the efficiency of your site’s loading times also boosts your search engine rankings. Google rewards search results that lead to reliable sites. This means a site that loads quickly will be easily accessible and in turn get pushed further up on the page of search results. Drupal hosting will give your site the best infrastructure to run your website and keep your visitors satisfied when they click on your site.

Unlimited Websites For Each Business

There are many businesses, organizations, and individuals who need more than one website. Whether it is for branding, geography, or any other reason, Drupal hosting will allow you to use multiple websites. Often, web hosting companies will allow users to host multiple websites through their plans. This allows businesses to save on hosting each individual site and manage all their sites through one portal.

Popular Drupal Hosting Providers

Looking for a Drupal web hosting provider can be a difficult task, but we’ve compiled some options you have to pick from.


Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers Drupal hosting. Their basic plans currently start at $2.95/month for Drupal hosting and then return to $7.99 after the initial term. This plan only allows for a single website so it would be worth looking into their plus package to get unlimited websites. However, the package does allow for parked domains and subdomains. Users also get 50 GB of webspace and unmetered bandwidth to handle their traffic.


This is another hosting option for Drupal hosting. They offer an easy setup with 1-click Drupal installation. Their basic package starts at $3.95/month and goes back up to $9.95 after the first term. The StartUp package also allows for only one site, 10 GB of webspace, and 10,000 visitors. While the package is great to start, it is limited compared to other web hosts. While their larger plans offer more resources, they tend to be more expensive and less comprehensive than other options.

As the trusted domain and web hosting provider of StatCounter, 1&1 offers some of the best web solutions around and at an affordable price. Better yet, many of their plans come with a free domain and many additional features to help improve your site.

Use StatCounter To Track Your Website’s Progress

No matter what company you choose for your Drupal hosting solution, you’ll need to track your progress with StatCounter. Whether it’s installing tracking codes on your website or attracting more traffic to your pages, StatCounter provides the tools to monitor your site. The detailed metrics provided by our web tracker allows you to track how visitors interact and navigate through your website. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact StatCounter support by completing the form below.

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