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Free SSL Certificate

For businesses offering products or services over the Internet, it is essential to abide by security standards and provide a safe space for consumers to enter personal information. While there are premium SSL certificates that provide much more comprehensive layers of security, websites have the option to use open source or free SSL certificates to provide an extra layer of security to people visiting the website.

At StatCounter, we provide businesses with the analytics they need to track their traffic and improve their overall web presence. We aim at providing our members with the crucial information they need to create successful websites and grow their business online. With this goal in mind, let us inform you about the use of free SSL certificates and how they can benefit your business.

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How Free SSL Certificates Benefit Businesses

For many businesses operating on the Internet, it is absolutely critical for them to have SSL certificates that can add security to their website. However, each business has different needs and it is important to determine whether a free SSL certificate is the right option or if it is better to invest in a premium SSL certificate.

A free SSL certificate gives businesses an easy and cheap option for adding security to their websites. There are certain things to keep note of regarding free SSL certificates. One of the main points is that free SSL is an optimal solution for businesses that don’t handle a large amount of sensitive data on their website. A free SSL certificate can handle an added layer of security for your website that will make your website less prone to security threats but don’t require additional protection because they don’t run an online store or ecommerce platform.

For businesses that do not have a need to sell products or services on their website, free SSL certificates are a great option. A free SSL certificate will give your website a padlock and a domain name such as “” The “s” following the http stands for secure and is a visual cue that lets visitors know that they are on a secured site. Information transmitted between users and your website will be encrypted and protected from being stolen by other entities. Protecting your user’s data will allow your website to appear higher in the search rankings and increase the traffic to your site.

Essential Definition

SSL Certificate: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and SSL certificates are used to create a secure connection between web servers and browsers. These certificates encrypt the data passed between each party to protect sensitive data such as payment information, data transfers, and logins.

Free SSL for Open Source Projects

There are many open source projects around the internet where groups of developers get together to create software solutions for any number of tasks. The open source software is then made available to users for free so they can utilize the software for any of their business processes. It is important for open source software to provide secure access to users to protect the data they enter in the software.

Luckily, there are many opportunities for open source developers to implement SSL certificates on their servers. There are a variety of web hosting companies and SSL providers that give developers free options for SSL certificates. Most providers require open source developers to be licensed by the Open Source Initiative. Those who qualify will be able to take advantage of free SSL certificates indefinitely. Different offerings are subject to differing time constraints and often SSL certificates are offered for a limited amount of time before requiring payment.

SSL Certificates Offered By Web Hosting Companies

There are several web hosting companies that offer their own SSL certificates that can be implemented on a business website. This makes the certificates easily accessible for businesses who are looking for a solution to SSL. The web hosting provider will make it easier to get the certificate up and running and give websites a secure connection. In some cases, businesses can find a web hosting option that includes an SSL certificate on top of the service. This is another free option for businesses that can give business websites added security through their web hosting services.

As the trusted domain and web hosting provider of StatCounter, 1&1 offers an array of high-quality hosting solutions at an affordable rate. Better yet, many of 1&1’s plans come with a free SSL certificate for added security and protection. You can learn more about 1&1’s SSL certificates here:

Why Consider Paying For SSL Certificates

A business that plans to sell products over the internet is going to require a premium SSL certificate that can give them and their consumers protection when making purchases. While there are a lot of options to getting free SSL certificates, it is important to note that some offerings are for a limited time and limited in the security they provide. For business who are going to deal with a lot of sensitive data, they need to invest in the solutions to protecting that data. Certificates that are available for purchase will give businesses more options for the security standards they’d like to achieve.

Analyze Your Web Progress With StatCounter

As seen above, it is important to consider security tools for your website and how that benefits your performance online. SSL certificates offer your website encryption tools that can protect data shared between your website and its visitors. Regardless of the SSL certificate you choose to use on your website, StatCounter can help you monitor and track the results. Our tools allow you to pinpoint where your traffic is coming from and what pages are most popular. The data we provide allows you to make the best decisions to improving your web design, architecture, and more.

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