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Managed Cloud Hosting

When your business starts using a cloud server to handle different business processes, there is always an important decision to make. The matter of who is going to manage the cloud server is something your business needs to discuss. Does your business have the resources or staff to fully manage your cloud environment? If it doesn’t, managed cloud hosting gives you ease and peace-of-mind with the cloud hosting provider handling the management of your cloud environment.

At StatCounter, we provide our valued members with the tools to gain valuable insight on their website. Members can monitor their site, see where their traffic is coming from, and determine which pages are performing the best. While our main focus is to provide this information to our members, we also strive to give them information that will prove valuable to the success of their business and website. With that said, here is a look at the benefits of managed cloud hosting.

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Reasons To Choose A Managed Cloud Provider

As mentioned above, managed cloud hosting leaves the cloud provider in charge of maintaining the server and running updates or handling security. Your business always has the option to handle the server on its own, but there are several reasons they choose to leave that up to the cloud hosting provider.

Save On The Cost of IT Professionals

If you plan on managing your own cloud server, it requires extensive IT knowledge and expertise. You’ll need to have an IT staff that is equipped to manage the cloud environment for your business. If you have an existing IT department that is prepared for the work, this shouldn’t be an issue for your business. If not, you’ll have to hire the right people to make sure your servers are working smoothly at all times. The monthly payments include a professional IT staff that can handle your IT.

Quick Results

One of the greatest benefits of a managed cloud hosting solution is the short turnaround time. Businesses are able to quickly implement upgrades to their servers. Changes and improvements are nearly instant when you utilize a managed cloud hosting solution. The hosting provider handles the updates and has the resources to do them on the spot.

More Focus on Your Business

The biggest benefit of using a managed cloud hosting plan is that your business can focus on what it does, rather than its technology. Your technology doesn’t have to serve as a distraction from what you actually want to produce or provide. If you don’t want to focus on technology, there is no need to. Simply use a managed cloud hosting service and keep your business focused on its own productivity.

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The Benefits of a Managed Cloud Environment

While there are many reasons that a managed cloud solution is the right solution for a business, there are also a number of benefits from having a cloud server. A cloud server allows many businesses to take advantage of high-quality IT resources and hardware that they normally wouldn’t have access to. Here are some of the added benefits of a managed cloud server:


Having a cloud server puts your data in a more secure environment. The first reason is that your data is kept separate from other people and only your business has access to what is hosted on your server. Next, the cloud provider has access to many resources and can provide high levels of security. A managed environment is monitored constantly by the hosting provider. They have many systems in place to alert them of any breaches and even reduce the risk of data loss by address security issues early.

Cost-Effective Technology

The cost of servers, maintenance, storage, and personnel can increase very quickly. A cloud hosting provider reduces these costs to a simple, low monthly cost. You no longer have to pay large upfront costs for the technology, let alone the continual costs of the maintenance and salaries. The managed cloud is kept and maintained in a data center along with other servers. The cloud provider is focused on keeping the servers in the best condition so your business finds their services successful.

Added Control Over The Server

Your business has the ability to alter and improve a server to fit your needs. Tell the host what software and resources you want to be allocated in your server, and they make them available for you. This ensures that you have all the tools your business requires to be successful. The software you need is available everywhere and your employees will always have access to it through an Internet connection.

Uptime and Reliability

The cloud hosting provider is focused on making your access to the cloud as easy as possible. When a business doesn’t have access to their data, it can put a wrench in their productivity. Cloud hosting providers are held to high standards so it is important to make sure that you experience consistent uptime. Since they are focused on maintenance, they can offer reliable services that are always accessible by businesses.


A managed cloud service is valuable to businesses because it offloads the need to have technical expertise or resources. Businesses can focus their efforts and budgets on the products and services they provide while their IT is managed by the hosting provider. Your business has the advantage of high-quality hardware and added control over the software.

Use StatCounter Tools To Analyze Traffic

While StatCounter does not provide cloud services to our members, we do provide valuable tools that allow them to monitor their websites and get a better understanding of their traffic. Our members can use our tools to track their traffic, see where it is coming from, and analyze how visitors are interacting within their site. This insight serves as a guide to making effective decisions to improving your site. You can replicate the success of your top performing pages and make effective changes to your web design or infrastructure.

If you need any help with our analytical tools, you can contact StatCounter member support by completing the form below.

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