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Shared Web Hosting

Within web hosting, it’s important to understand there are several different types to choose from. Dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting are all viable options, however, shared web hosting will work just fine for most websites. Shared web hosting is when hundreds of websites, sometimes thousands, are hosted on the same server and share resources from such. This presents a variety of benefits, but shared web hosting may not be the best fit for some larger or high-volume businesses.

At StatCounter, we provide our loyal members with data-driven analytics to help them understand the health of their website. We also strive to provide our members with applicable information to help them improve their website and online search presence. To further this goal, let us fill you in on shared web hosting and some of the most reputable providers of such.

Shared Web Hosting Explained

As mentioned before, shared web hosting is when you share a server with other websites. In this, you are able to share resources from the server, including RAM and storage space. This is a great starting point for new websites that have yet to receive much traffic each month. If you choose to use a shared server, you will be able to transfer it over to a dedicated server, or a VPS if that suits your needs better, easily with your hosting company.

Additionally, shared web hosting can benefit new websites since they are an inexpensive option and can be relatively easy to set up. If you are starting a new business and need a website for such, shared web hosting can be a cost-effective way to build a viable online presence.

While shared web hosting has its advantages, it may not be the right solution for some websites. Large and established websites that receive a lot of traffic each month could cause the other websites on a shared server to load slowly or even crash. In this case, a dedicated server is necessary to keep up with the high-volume of server requests for your site.

VPS hosting is also a viable alternative to shared web hosting for large sites. VPS hosting operates a lot like shared web hosting in that you share a physical server with other websites. However, unlike shared web hosting, VPS (virtual private servers) resources are divided up equally across the website using it. This can avoid problems that shared hosting can present, like slow loading sites across the server.

Shared Web Hosting Companies

Of course, when looking for a shared web hosting provider, you have a plethora of options. You will want to compare various web hosting companies, their prices, and services to help you determine which hosting provider will suit your site best. We have detailed some of the most reputable web hosting companies for shared web hosting below for your convenience. Of course, there are many web hosting companies out there, so be sure to compare the plans of many to determine which is best for your site.


Based out of Germany with offices in the U.K. and the United States, 1&1 has grown to be one of the world's largest web hosting companies. 1&1 offers some of the best-priced solutions for web hosting services and shared web hosting is no different. With 1&1, you have the option of choosing between Linux and Windows operating systems. Better yet, you will get a free SSL certificate if you choose 1&1 as your shared web hosting provider.


Another popular shared web hosting provider is GoDaddy. Like 1&1, GoDaddy offers shared hosting plans for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Some of their plans also include a free SSL certificate for enhanced security. GoDaddy also makes it easy to integrate WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal so you can continue to use the content management system of your choice.


BlueHost is another viable option for shared web hosting and their pricing rates are comparable to GoDaddy. They have several pricing plans for you to choose from, like 1&1 and GoDaddy, and each has advantages and drawbacks. If you are considering BlueHost, dive deep into their plans to determine which will offer the web hosting solutions that will be best for your website.

As the trusted domain and hosting provider of StatCounter, 1&1 offers a range of web hosting solutions to help users setup and launch their website with ease. Better yet, their shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate for added security. You can learn more about 1&1’s shared hosting plans here.

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