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SSL Certificate Checker

Having a secure website is one of the most important aspects of a website. This is especially true if you collect sensitive information, such as credit card information. While ecommerce websites can obviously benefit from having an SSL certificate, nearly every website can find this advantageous. If you are wondering if your website already has an SSL certificate, there are some tell-tale signs that can signal such, or you can use an SSL certificate checker.

At StatCounter, we provide our members with the analytics they need to help improve their website’s presence online. We also like to provide our members with helpful information and actionable tips to help them in this endeavor. To further this goal, let us fill you in on SSL certificate checkers and how an SSL certificate can help make your website more secure.

The Best SSL Certificate Checkers

Seeing as security is immensely important to most every website and industry, you should be sure your website has an SSL certificate. If it doesn’t and you collect sensitive information, you could be losing a lot of business or putting your customers at risk. Luckily, there are a number of SSL certificate checkers available online for you to use. Some of our favorite SSL certificate checkers are detailed below for your convenience.

SSL Shopper

As one of the most trusted SSL certificate checkers out there, SSL Shopper has the ability to assess your website and determine if you do in fact have a certificate for security purposes. Additionally, they have other SSL tools, such as an SSL converter and certificate decoder, to help you improve the security of your website.

SSL Shopper ssl checking tool


Another popular SSL certificate checker is the DigiCert® SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool. If you are having trouble installing your SSL certificate properly, this tool will be able to help you find and solve the problem so you can get your certificate verified and improve the security on your site. DigiCert® also has the ability to sell SSL certificates, making it a one-stop destination for all things related to website security.

DigiCert ssl checking tool gives you a detailed look at your SSL certificate to assess any issues with it. If there is an issue, they will help you figure out how to resolve it. also offers a number of other tools and checkers as well, including an Insecure Content Checker. Additionally, you can utilize their SSL Decoder tool and Self-Signed SSL Generator to improve the security of your website.

SSL Shopper ssl checking tool

Other Ways to Check Your SSL Certificate

While an SSL certificate checker will alert you of any issue with your security certificate, there are some easy ways to determine if your website, or any website in general, has an SSL certificate. There are three types of SSL certificates, each of which has different signs that the certificate is active.

Extended Validation Certificates

Extended validation (EV) certificates are relatively new and were designed to help combat phishing attacks. Because of the amount of verification required for this type of SSL certificate, it can help users trust your site more than with other types of security certificates.

You can see if your website has an EV certificate by looking at the address bar. A website with an EV Certificate will have their business entity name in green, before the URL, next to a green lock.

This type of SSL certificate verifies more information than other SSL certificates can. In order to get an EV certificate, you must be able to provide documentation to validate the company’s awareness of the certificate request, the legal existence of the company, and domain ownership.

Domain Validated Certificates

In contrast to EV certificates, domain validated (DV) certificates require less verification. DV certificates only validate the ownership of the domain, rather than the legal existence of the company and the company’s awareness of the certificate.

You can check to see if your website has a DV certificate by looking at the URL address bar. DV certificates are indicated with a green HTTPS:// before your domain name. The “S” in the HTTP:// stands for secure, which can help build trust among your visitors.

Organization Validated Certificates

The third and final type of SSL certificate is organization validated certificates. These certificates only validate the domain ownership, as well as organizational information like city, state, and country information.

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If your website collects sensitive information, such as credit card information, you will need an SSL certificate to encrypt this information and protect it from hackers and phishing scams. Regardless of the type of SSL certificate you choose, you will need to track where your web traffic is coming from and how users interact once on your website. This information can help you develop a sound digital marketing or SEO strategy.

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