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Web Hosting Prices

One of the most important things to consider when looking into web hosting is the price. Every business is unique in its needs and its current position. Depending on your budget and your business needs, there are going to be different plans that fit the bill. As a business, you understand the importance effective budgetary decisions. It’s important to research all the different web hosting solutions to determine which will work for your budget.

StatCounter provides its valued members with valuable tools to track the success of their website. We are focused on your website and the endeavors associated with your website. That is why we provide such an expansive knowledge base on web hosting. We want to give our members an understanding about web hosting so they can make effective decisions that go toward their decisions. With that said, here is a look at the pricing for different web hosting services.

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The Free Option Isn’t The Cheapest Option

There is always the option to use a free web hosting service, but it comes with a lot of drawbacks. For one, this option should not be considered for businesses. A free web hosting solution is targeted at bloggers and other personal sites. It’s not a great platform to create a professional website.

A free hosting option gives users the minimal amount of features. They get very low amounts of server space, a subdomain name, and little control over the code. If your website’s content grows, you’ll quickly see how little storage you have on the server. On top of that, the free domain you get is often associated with the web host. Furthermore, you don’t have access to the code on a theme to update the HTML or CSS to get a better look for your brand. Here are some of the reasons why a free option is not the ideal solution for a business.

Upgrades Increase Cost

You can pay to get better features on your website, but the prices are often higher than a paid web hosting solution. You can pay for a domain, more storage space, and access to updating the code on your site. Unfortunately, you may have to pay to get ads removed from your website and have no options for running your own ads. Most free options also restrict your business from implementing ecommerce.

Overall Lack of Options and Control

Your business deserves to have control over its website. Unfortunately, a free option will not allow you to create the right website for your business. You have very little room to do so and you can’t even create a web store. It’s tough to get results on a free plan so it’s important to see what a paid plan will accomplish for your business.

Shared Web Hosting Prices

Shared hosting is an excellent option for businesses just starting out on a website, or even if they are experienced with web hosting solutions. Having your website on a shared server is typically very inexpensive. Plans can start as low as $0.99 per month for the first contract. With that low price point and having complete ownership over your data, you can make an excellent site that truly represents your business. Here is a look at some popular web hosting providers and their shared hosting pricing.

  • 1&1: Plans start at $0.99 per month for the first 12 months. They also give you reduced pricing on longer contracts. After the initial contract, your monthly hosting fee settles at $7.99 per month.
  • GoDaddy: Their plans begin at $3.99 per month during the first contract. When you renew, the price goes to $7.99 per month.
  • HostGator: Their basic plan is set at $2.78 during the initial contract. When the plan renews, your price is $6.95.
  • BlueHost: During the first contract on Bluehost, your plan is priced at $3.95 per month and goes to $7.99 after that.
  • InMotion: Their plans start as low as $5.99 per month and then increase up to $7.99 per month after that first contract.

Virtual Private Server Prices

VPS is going to cost more than shared hosting because it puts you on a virtual machine linked to a physical server. This makes it so your website is less impacted with users and offers dedicated resources. Your business also has added control over the server so you can implement other software and applications on your website. This is a great step up from shared hosting if your website is receiving a lot of traffic and needs extra power. Here is a look at the prices for VPS from web hosting providers:

  • 1&1: With 1&1, your VPS can start as low as $4.99 per month for Linux-based servers and $14.99 per month for Windows-based servers.
  • GoDaddy: Linux servers start at $16.99 per month and it is $26.99 per month for Windows servers.
  • HostGator: Your business only has the option to go with Linux servers and the price starts at $19.95 per month.
  • BlueHost: They offer Linux servers starting at $19.99 per month and don’t have plans for Windows servers.
  • InMotion: The plans at InMotion gives you a Linux server at $29.99 per month.

Dedicated Server Hosting Prices

A dedicated server will cost the most out of all these plans. Your business gets complete ownership over the server and can use it to its fullest potential. You can easily run multiple sites on a dedicated server and focus on your business and its products and services. You also get added security because your files cannot be accessed by outside entities accidentally. Here is a look at some of the plans available and their pricing:

  • 1&1: For the first three months, you can get a dedicated server for free. After this trial period, prices are as low as $69.99 per month. Using a Windows server adds $35 to your pricing.
  • GoDaddy: Plans for dedicated Linux servers start at $69.99 per month then increase to $169.99 per month after you renew your contract. Windows servers start at $99.99 per month and increase to $199.99 per month after the initial contract.
  • HostGator: Their prices for Linux and Windows servers start at $79.00 per month and then increase to $174.00 per month.
  • BlueHost: Their plans offer Linux servers at $79.99 per month on the initial contract. The pricing increases to $109.99 per month thereafter.
  • InMotion: You can get Linux servers for $99.99 per month during your first contract. Once you renew, the price goes to $189.99 per month.

As StatCounter’s trusted domain and web hosting provider, 1&1 has a number of web hosting solutions to help your website succeed online. With affordable pricing plans, 1&1 has built a reputation for themselves as a high-quality web host.

Use StatCounter Analytics and Tools

Once you have found the perfect web hosting plan for your budget, you’ll need the best analytical tools to keep track of your website’s performance. With these tools, your business can see where web traffic is coming from, how visitors scroll through your site, and which pages are drawing in the most traffic. The ability to see this information is incredibly valuable in your decisions with how to design your website. It is important to have documented evidence of your success and replicate top performing strategies.

Have any questions about the StatCounter web tracking tools? You can contact StatCounter member support by completing the form below.

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