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Windows VPS Hosting

VPS hosting comes with the option to use Linux or Windows for your server’s operating system. For businesses looking to use Windows as their operating system, it is important to note that not all hosting providers offer windows-based servers. If your business has grown out of a shared hosting solution, a VPS solution is the perfect next step for your website. Your website is incredibly important to the success of your business and VPS hosting plays a key role in the process.

At Statcounter, we provide our valued members with the tools and insight they need to build successful websites. In order to support you in your endeavors, we provide information on a range of topics related to your website. The information we provide will assist you in determining the right web hosting solution for your business. With that in mind, allow us to fill you in on Windows VPS Hosting, the benefits, and some Windows VPS hosting providers you can choose to use.

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The Decision to Upgrade to VPS Hosting

Most businesses begin with a shared hosting plan when they first start their website. Shared web hosting is an incredible opportunity because it gives businesses a cost-effective solution for creating a website and building an online identity. While shared hosting is great for those starting out, a website can outgrow the shared environment and it could be time to look into VPS hosting or a dedicated server. VPS hosting tends to be the best next step for businesses in terms of price and resources.

Your business will know it’s time to upgrade when their web traffic becomes too much for your site to handle. A shared server can host up to 1000 users and they all draw from the same resources. A VPS solution will put you on a server with 10 to 20 users who have their own dedicated resources. If your website is hosted on a VPS, you will no longer draw from a pool of shared resources and features such as RAM are dedicated to your site. Overall, VPS provides your business with more control over resources at a lower cost than a dedicated server.

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

The benefits of VPS hosting go beyond the dedicated resources your business obtains. Whether you want managed Windows VPS hosting or opt to manage it yourself, there is a lot more control over the features of your website and security. Here are some quick highlights of the benefits of VPS hosting:

  • Complete Control: Because a VPS partitions out a server so you have your own space, you have more control over the server. You have the ability to make extensive changes and alter the server in ways that were previously not possible because the space was shared.
  • Software and Applications: With full control over your VPS account, you have the ability to add additional software and applications that benefit your site. The software can go toward optimizing your site’s performance and functionality. On a shared environment, you wouldn’t be able to implement new applications.
  • Security Features: While web hosting providers often offer their own security features, users have the ability to install their own anti-virus and malware detection software. While you have the opportunity to add SSL Certificates on a shared environment, VPS differs because you can get more customized solutions for security.

Pro Tips

It is important to note that a virtual private server does require a stronger set of technical skills to properly manage the server. If you don’t have the experience, or a person on staff who could handle the management of the server, it will be important to find a managed VPS host. If you do have the expertise or plan on hiring somebody to manage the server, be sure to estimate the costs and compare them to a managed plan.

Options For Windows VPS Hosting

Not all web hosting providers offer Windows VPS Hosting. There are many hosting companies that only offer Linux-based servers, so if you do want Windows-based servers, there are some hosting options. Not all hosts make it clear that they don’t offer Windows servers so there is a risk of signing up for a Linux VPS host. Fortunately, hosting providers make it easy to cancel the service and get your money back, but it is inconvenient to go through that process and sign up for another service a second time.

Here are some companies that offer Windows VPS Hosting:


GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting providers. They offer a lot of resources for businesses including Windows VPS Hosting. Their lowest tiered plan starts at $26.99 per month and increases to $39.99 after the initial contract. Users in the base tier get 2GB of memory, 40GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs and a year free of an SSL certificate.


Hostwinds has 10 different options for Windows hosting. Their plans start at $13.50 per month and give users 1GB of RAM, 50 GB of storage space, unmetered bandwidth, and they charge $2.00 for an extra IP address or $5.00 for C-Class IP addresses. Hostwinds offer a range of add-ons that will increase the price of the service but they aren’t mandatory upgrades. It is incredibly affordable to get started with Hostwinds.


1&1 allows users to choose Windows servers under their Cloud M option. This option starts at $9.99 per month when you select to use a Windows Server. On this plan, users get 1GB of RAM, 50GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth. 1&1 is an affordable option for businesses in need of a solution they can scale up in the future. As your website grows, you can easily upgrade your features without having to pay too much more for the next tier.

As our trusted domain and web hosting provider, 1&1 offers both Linux and Windows VPS hosting. With affordable rates and quality web hosting solutions, 1&1 surely has the hosting solution that is right for you.

Use StatCounter Tools To Monitor Your Website

After selecting your web hosting provider for Windows VPS hosting, you need to keep track of your results. A VPS solution is typically picked because a website needs to be able to handle more data and traffic. StatCounter provides the tools and insights to monitor your site’s traffic. You can easily see where your traffic is coming from and what pages are performing the best. You will be able to measure your online success, make educated decisions in regards to web design and architecture, and improve your website to fit your business needs.

If you are ever in need of assistance, you can contact StatCounter member support by completing the form below.

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