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SEO: Essential for Business

The internet has helped revolutionize our modern world. Entertainment has never been more accessible and we are able to connect to people across the globe with ease. But arguably the most advantageous aspect of the internet has been its effect on businesses.

Search engines have opened up a new world of marketing and businesses have optimized their sites to perform better in these search engines. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, search engine optimization (SEO) is less expensive and can provide a broader customer base for local businesses.

How is SEO Used?

With SEO, you can drive organic traffic to your site, which is when visitors land on your site upon entering a search query and clicking on your URL in the search results. With the right strategies, these organic visitors can convert to paying customers or patients (depending on your type of business), building your business even further. But SEO entails far more than simply writing content that can rank on search engines. SEO requires you to carefully track data to help build a robust and effective strategy to increase organic traffic and determine areas that could use improvement. This is where StatCounter comes in.

Tracking Your SEO Efforts with StatCounter

With StatCounter, you are able to track how your website is performing online and where your traffic is coming from. For example, if your organic traffic is low according to StatCounter, you can optimize your site again to better meet the user’s intent and improve rankings in these search engines. Furthermore, you can monitor, say, your bounce rate for specific pages to see which pages perform stronger than others. Then, you can make educated decisions as to where to go next with your SEO strategies, and drop those that aren’t performing well.

SEO is not a one and done action, either. It is a continuous process that requires you to carefully track your website’s online performance and reoptimize the site accordingly to further improve your online presence. If you are in need of assistance or have a question about StatCounter, you can contact customer service online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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