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Best Search Engine Optimization Software

In order to properly optimize your website for search engines, you’ll need to take advantage of some of the best SEO software available to you. Fortunately, you can choose from a plethora of SEO software and tools to help you improve your website, and each software offers a different capability. Utilizing these tools properly, however, can take a bit of training and practice, but it’s absolutely necessary in boosting your website and acquiring meaningful traffic.

With StatCounter, you can utilize a range of metrics to closely track where your traffic is coming from and how visitors are interacting on your website. This information is key, as it helps you develop a sound SEO strategy to help increase traffic to your site. However, additional SEO software is often necessary to identify keywords, backlink opportunities, and other areas of potential growth for your SEO strategy. As you delve into SEO, allow us to fill you in on some of the best SEO software and how it can help improve your strategy and website.

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Types of SEO Software

While you can choose from a broad range of SEO software and tools, certain software will suit one website better than another. With this, you’ll need to consider which type of tools will fulfill your needs best. To help you get started, keep in mind that some of the best SEO software should help you identify your backlink portfolio and determine the strength of your website, as these are crucial initial steps in employing search engine optimization.

Moz, for example, offers their Open Site Explorer tool for free. This will show you how many backlinks your website has, and how many domains link back to your website. This also shows you how spammy your backlinks are so you can disavow any that are hurting your site’s rankings. If you’re wondering why backlinks are so essential to SEO, it may help to know Google uses backlinks, also known as inbound links, as a major ranking factor for search results. So, if there are two sites with equally great content and one has more backlinks, that site will rank higher in search engine results.

Essential Definition

Bounce rate denotes the percentage of visitors to your website (or specific page) who only view one page before exiting the site. The bounce rate for any given page of your website directly affects that page’s ability to rank in search engine results.

Moz also offers a keyword research tool to help you develop a content writing strategy and improve search result rankings. With this, you can identify high and low volume keywords to help produce an easily navigable website. This is important, not only from an SEO perspective, but from a user experience perspective as well. Keyword research and content from such is another essential aspect of SEO, and it should be employed in any SEO strategy.

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Of course, Moz is far from being the only software offering keyword research. In fact, there’s a variety of SEO tools that can perform more detailed research. SEMRush, for example, is one of the most utilized keyword research tools available. Be aware, however, most software and tools charge for their features and it’s often recommended you do so to ensure you’re getting the most of out not only the tools, but your SEO strategy as well. For instance, with certain paid plans from SEMRush, you can track historical data to determine how much improvement a website has made for any given keyword over time—which can be a crucial consideration within your strategy

Utilizing the Best SEO Software for Your Site

While you can go ahead and pay for the best SEO software to help improve your site, that’s not to say the software will do the work for you. Though SEMRush, Moz, and other tools can be very powerful, you need to exercise due diligence to benefit from such tools and software. Fortunately, any SEO software or tool provides tutorials to help users utilize them to their full capabilities, and these tutorials are completely necessary for anyone delving into SEO for the first time.

In addition to using online tutorials to improve the way in which you use the aforementioned software, you should also have a firm understanding of the basics, such as keyword research and backlinks. For further help with keyword research, be sure to check out the pages we’ve provided earlier. If you’d like to gain a bit more knowledge on backlinking, you can view the page below:

Track your Traffic with StatCounter

As you begin to familiarize yourself with these tools and use them within your SEO strategy, the next step will be tracking your strategy and results with StatCounter. Our detailed website analytics can help you determine which areas of your site are performing well and those areas that could use some work. As you find areas of your site to improve and other SEO opportunities, you can then use the SEO software to implement a sound strategy and ultimately grow your business.

If you ever need assistance in navigating through our web tracker and utilizing our tools, be sure to contact StatCounter support by filling out the form provided below.

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