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SEO consulting is growing rapidly as business owners take notice of the advantages a strong online web presence can bring. While small business owners often look for a consultant that offers local SEO services, larger businesses often seek an international SEO consultant. An international SEO consultant requires different knowledge to develop larger scaled strategies compared to local SEO, as the reach has to cross international borders. Additionally, international SEO consultants often have to deal with more moving pieces, as their clients typically require larger and more in-depth strategies.

Of course, both local and international SEO consultants have to track the progress they have made to their client’s websites. StatCounter allows these consultants and website owners alike the ability to track where their traffic is coming from and how those users interact on the site. This information is incredibly valuable as it can help show where a company’s SEO strategy is succeeding, and where it is falling flat. Having said that, let’s take a closer look into the responsibilities of an international SEO consultant and the benefits of hiring such.

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Importance of Local Search

To gain more knowledge on SEO and the tactics therein, you can view the pages we’ve provided below:

As you can imagine, local map search like this is immensely important to businesses that operate strictly in their local city or region, like a local restaurant or bar. In essence, any type of business with a physical location should invest in local SEO. To an extent, it’s also a good idea to list your business in these maps no matter your industry or business type. By creating a map listing with the appropriate contact information, user’s can contact your business easily if they have any questions. Plus, it only improves your online visibility.

In addition to map listings, local search engine optimization can help benefit your keyword rankings. Search engines often serve different keyword results for visitors depending on their location, even if the visitor is not viewing the map results. Even e-commerce websites can benefit from this kind of local SEO, as it can bring up results listings based on a certain area. In short, including local search terms in your website’s copy is never bad practice and can benefit a plethora of businesses and websites.

Duties of an International SEO Consultant

While a local SEO consultant performs similar tasks as an international SEO consultant, the latter must perform more detailed and larger strategies. Rather than aiming for a particular area, international SEO consultants must focus on various regions. This can make strategies more complex, especially if the business in question is targeting regions with different languages.

Additionally, while a local SEO consultant can often times perform all the duties on their own, an international SEO consultant will need to build a team of writers, strategists, and developers to accomplish the job. This is simply because international SEO consultants work with large corporations and each portion of SEO is inherently bigger and more complex.

Keyword research, for example, is one of the main aspects of any SEO strategy. For an international SEO consultant, keyword research must often be more in-depth and can require hours of sorting through keyword spreadsheets to find the best suited search queries. While a local SEO strategy will include a handful of localized keywords, an international SEO strategy requires thousands of keywords, and these keywords are often more competitive search queries than a local SEO strategy would include. Additionally, these keywords will need to be geared for services or products and the various locations, and, therefore, must be relevant to the search user’s intent.

Often times, international SEO consultants are also responsible for creating content for the business’s website based on queries found in keyword research. If the business in question wishes to appeal to various languages, the SEO consultant will be responsible for hiring efficient writers that are fluent in these languages, as well as developing an understandable website architecture for better user experience on the site. Of course, their duties don’t end there.

International SEO Consultants: Typical Services Offered

While keyword research is at the heart of any SEO consultant’s work, there’s plenty more they do to help improve the visibility of your site and keep visitors on site—ultimately converting to customers. Of course, many of the strategies therein require collaboration between both parties, as should be expected. In doing so, the consultant can gain further insight as to what your business does and the image you project, which they can then use to move forward with their services. Take a look at some common services below:

  • SEO Training: While most consultants can ensure the work is done for you (at a certain price), you can also find one that simply trains your own employees on the basics of SEO.
  • Keyword Research: As mentioned above, consultants can perform in-depth keyword research, which they’ll employ across pages of your site and within content.
  • Link Building: Given that backlinks are a major ranking factor for search engines like Google, any prospective international SEO consultant should offer a strong backlinking strategy—and reports on such as work progresses.
  • Site Analyses and Reports: Both initially and as work progresses, consultants will typically report back to you with issues on site, improvements, and other factors needing attention.
  • Social Media: Social media is another integral piece of SEO, and every business should have a presence on multiple social media platforms. Consultants can create accounts for you and make regular posts to increase online visibility and engage your audience.
  • Web Design: Whether it’s simple design changes or a complete web redesign, you can find consultants who can do much of the technical work for you, or they’ll at least find someone who can.

Which Businesses can Benefit from an International SEO Consultant

Typically, international SEO consultants focus on larger brands, as these are more likely to spread internationally or have established markets in multiple countries. These are not necessarily well-known brands, they just need to have the ability to spread easily in multiple nations. Due to the complexity of international SEO strategies, the SEO consultant you choose should have an understanding of the markets your company is trying to expand to.

Real World Application

For example, let’s say you are a large supplier of essential oils that has established a strong presence in America with your e-commerce store and are looking to expand to Europe. The international SEO consultant you choose should have a sound understanding of European markets and should be able to identify viable keywords for such. A local SEO consultant, on the other hand, doubtfully has the experience in these markets needed to develop a sound international SEO strategy.

As mentioned before, online e-commerce stores can greatly benefit from an international SEO consultant as these businesses are not constrained by a local brick and mortar location. E-commerce stores can reach across multiple countries without needing locations in these countries.

These businesses will need different SEO strategies as content is not nearly as important as marketing the brand. If your e-commerce store is thriving and you are looking to expand into a foreign market, the SEO consultant you choose should have a thorough understanding and experience working on e-commerce SEO strategies.

Track Your Progress with StatCounter

As you can see, international SEO consultants have a number of responsibilities that differ from local SEO consultants and can benefit a myriad of business types, from e-commerce stores to large international brands. International SEO consultants will need to track their SEO progress with StatCounter to see where their SEO strategies are succeeding, and where they are falling flat. Yet you can also track the results of SEO to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Regardless, monitoring your efforts no matter who’s performing your SEO is key in maintaining an effective strategy.

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