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In the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), there are a number of moving pieces, each of which has an impact on your website’s online performance. For business owners and search engine optimizers alike, this can make it difficult to track your progress, even with StatCounter’s web tracker. In order to connect the pieces to determine how well your strategy is performing, you may very well need SEO reporting software.

While you can track your traffic growth with StatCounter’s web tracker, SEO often requires reporting software, as well a plethora of other SEO tools. Reporting software can help piece together the digital marketing puzzle to determine what efforts are responsible for spikes in traffic or those that have failed to succeed. As you implement SEO and track your progress, allow us to fill you in on some of the best SEO reporting software out there and how it can help your digital marketing strategy.

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Importance of SEO Reporting

While it’s important to track where your traffic is coming from and how much your website receives on a regular basis, SEO reporting software is able to tie together much more information. StatCounter allows you to track metrics, like your website’s bounce rate, which can help you understand where your traffic is coming from and how they are interacting on your website.

With this information, you can begin to develop your SEO strategy or enhance it to fill in any holes or flaws in your strategy. SEO reporting software, however, allows you to understand why your website has certain trends to help you develop a stronger digital marketing strategy. Additionally, this type of software lays out this information in an easy-to-read format to help you better understand what’s working, and what isn’t, in your SEO strategy.

It might seem as though you can create a custom SEO report without using SEO reporting software, however, this can be a daunting task. Without reporting software, you would have to piece together parts of your strategy to determine why your traffic has changed. Even if you take this route, you are likely to miss a few key aspects that are important to your strategy.

Metrics, like those provided by StatCounter, are essentially bits of information about your website’s traffic that need to be tied together with your strategy to determine how your site has performed. SEO reporting software uses this information to tell a detailed story and help you understand which practices are performing well and which need to be reexamined.

Best SEO Reporting Software

SEO reporting is essential, and there are a number of tools available to help you accomplish this task. The software within is often in depth and usually costs a bit of money. However, this investment is worth it as it helps to develop your strategy and ensure it’s performing as intended. While there are a number of SEO reporting software and tools available to you, we’ve provided some of our favorites below.


With NinjaCat, you can attain detailed SEO reports, PPC reports, call tracking, and much more. You can even integrate analytics trackers to improve the information provided to you by NinjaCat. NinjaCat can even allow you to track and monitor your spending so you never go over budget. In fact, you can even create automated white label reports to monitor individual campaigns with ease.

Raven Tools

Another popular SEO reporting software is Raven Tools. This allows you to tie in analytics tools to get a clearer picture of how your strategy is performing. Raven Tools even includes a site auditor to help you find and repair any SEO issues, like broken external links. You can even connect social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, so you can get accurate social media marketing reports as well. Better yet, you can set automated reports so even if you forget, Raven Tools will generate a custom report for your website.

While SERPs is primarily used for keyword research, its dashboard also allows for API (application programming interface) reporting and white labeling with their Agency package. With this, you can integrate analytics trackers to get a clearer picture of your website’s progress and more detailed insights. SERPs also allows you to track keywords that your site is ranking for. You can also create events to test to help you improve keyword rankings. For Example, if you update a title tag for a page on your site, you can create a test to show if it helped improve your rankings.


When seeking a solid reporting software, you have a range of options. While many may require a monthly fee, you should be able to click around each before paying to determine if a particular one suits your business’s and website’s specific needs. At the very least, StatCounter’s web tracker will provide detailed metrics as to how certain areas of your website are performing and how users are interacting on site. You can then use the information to create a report for future reference. Of course, any SEO reporting software can help you in this endeavor. Just be sure you’re monitoring your efforts and the results of such.

Track Your Progress with StatCounter

Like we said, SEO reporting software is quite often necessary to closely track your efforts within SEO and monitor the results of those practices. Since many of these tools can require a fee, you can always rely on StatCounter to gain more insight into how much traffic your site receives and how those users navigate through your site. While it’ll require reporting on your own, you’ll at least have a firm understanding of your site’s traffic.

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