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What are SEO Services?

For those who lack a technical understanding of SEO but want to improve website traffic, keyword rankings, or online sales, SEO services are a good place to start. SEO service providers work to ensure that websites are optimized in a way that improves organic rankings within search engines.

StatCounter gives its members all the necessary tools to track the effectiveness of SEO services on any given web page. We also strive to provide the information necessary so our members can thrive on competitive search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you lack the knowledge of SEO required to optimize your website, learn why it might be worth considering SEO services.

SEO Service Providers

SEO is an inherently complicated process. What adds to its complexity is that search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. That means an SEO practice that worked two years ago might not work today. Further, a website that was optimized a few years ago might begin to see the negative effects of the changing algorithms.

SEO service providers vary widely in size and in the packages they offer. For small websites, it’s not uncommon to see a one-time fee for a round of website optimization. It’s also common to see monthly subscriptions that include ongoing SEO and support. Whatever the details of the package, a quality SEO service provider should be able to better your website in the eyes of search engines.

Types of SEO Services

There’s no simple solution when it comes to website optimization. Often it requires a dynamic approach, targeting a number of services that will boost the viability of a website and improve its ranking keywords. Here are some of the main SEO services available today:

  • SEO Content Writing: SEO content writing is a great way to boost organic rankings. Content can come in a variety of forms, but SEO content is specifically geared to match user interest. By doing so, a website can generate more interest and draw in more organic traffic.
  • On-Page Optimization: There are a variety of on-page optimization strategies that can be done to improve a website’s SEO. Title tags, meta descriptions, body tags (Htags), and keyword density can all affect a website’s SEO friendliness.
  • SEO / Website Audit: An SEO audit is simply a rundown by an SEO service provider that details which area a website stands to improve. Audits are usually the first step in the process if you’ve purchased SEO services, and from an initial audit or assessment, you can develop a plan going forward.
  • Link Building: Link building is one of the most effective ways to improve the authority of a website. Link building can range from external backlinks to your site from other sources, to internally linking web pages throughout your website. Link building can give a website the juice it needs to compete with stronger websites.

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