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What is White Hat SEO?

In the early days of search engines, people had a number of ways to exploit the underlying algorithms that ranked websites. Keyword stuffing, link farming, duplicating existing content, and a variety of other strategies provided a viable means for a website to improve its visibility on any given search engine. But over the years, as these search engines have continued to evolve, they’ve found ways to eliminate these “black hat” practices so as to improve the experience for users. As such, white hat SEO is nowadays the recommended route when it comes to growing website traffic and improving search engine rankings.

StatCounter gives its members all the necessary tools to track the effects of white hat SEO on any given website. We also strive to provide the information necessary for our members to thrive on competitive search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This guide intends to define the basics of white hat SEO. For those who are just getting into SEO, learning the fundamentals of white hat SEO is a great place to start!

Types of White Hat SEO

White hat SEO starts with user experience in mind. While your aim might ultimately be to improve your search engine rankings and draw in more organic traffic, it’s done by improving the content and usability of a website so that more users come to your website, and they stay longer. The aforementioned black hat SEO strategies might help to drive in more organic traffic, but those users will not be likely to enjoy their experience, and thus will be less likely to stay or come back to the website. Here are some of the best white hat SEO strategies to improve user experience, and ultimately improve your visibility and viability on search engines:

  • Quality Content: To bring in authentic traffic that will spend ample time on your website, you’ll need to write quality content. Quality content means that your writing will satisfy the intent of your chosen headlines and keywords. Otherwise, users will quickly bounce from the site, rather than sticking around.
  • Use Relevant Keywords: Center your content around relevant, frequently searched keywords. This ensures you’ll drive more organic traffic to your website, and will subsequently see more authentic engagement throughout the site.
  • Make your Site Easy to Navigate: Of course, to get better engagement across the whole website, you’ll want to dial in the layout of your website. Assume that users don’t want to waste any time navigating through a tricky website layout. A simple, navigable website will improve user engagement.
  • Quality, Authentic Backlinks: To give more authority to your website, finding authentic backlinking opportunity is a good bet. Strong backlinks will not only boost a domain’s authority, but also has the potential to drive in outside traffic.

Why White Hat SEO is Better

Nowadays, white hat SEO is the go-to when it comes to growing your website. While exploitative SEO services are still widely available to website owners today, they are largely ineffective, and some will even lead to harsh penalties by search engines. So, when it comes to SEO, your best bet is to do it with the experience of your users in mind.

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