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Detect click fraud.

Detect click fraud and see how much of your advertising budget is being eaten up by click farms and competitors. Up to 25% of fraudulent clicks is not uncommon.

Statcounter helps you identify repeat visits from the same IP address, high click volumes from unexpected locations and unusually short visit lengths, enabling you to submit a report to your ad network for a refund.

See who's stalking you.

Identify anonymous stalkers, nuisance visitors and spammers.

Statcounter shows you a real-time, live feed of your visitors with a forensic level of detail that helps you to easily identify anonymous visitors. See your visitors' location, ISP, IP address, system stats, visit length and the navigation paths they take through your website.

Identify bots vs. real visitors.

Statcounter makes it easy to identify internet bots from real human visitors by surfacing your visitors ISP name, the navigation path they took through your site and whether or not javascript is enabled.

Be on the alert.

Set alerts to be notified when an individual visitor returns to your website. Chose to be alerted by email or on your mobile device via the Statcounter mobile app.

Trusted on over 2 Million websites.

When we were launching teachoo, we wanted to track what the users did, Statcounter was a fast and reliable alternative. Since we are content site, there have been a lot of instances where statcounter helped prevent people from copying our data since it shows real time data with insights from number of pages viewed to the ip address.
We've used a lot of tracking software over the years, but Statcounter has always been the one we log in to, day after day, for a quick, clear view of traffic flow across our web properties. With Statcounter, we don't have to dig for what we want to see, and that has enabled us to react quickly to problems and take advantage of opportunities we may have otherwise missed.

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