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Happy St. Patrick's Day! [17th March 2007]
Get your BLOCKs off.... [6th March 2007]
What's in a name? A Rose by another name would smell as sweet... [27th February 2007]
All In a StatCounter Weekend... [14th January 2007]
View your Recent Visitors on a Google Map [18th August 2006]
New Customizable Summary Stats [13th July 2005]
New Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Improved Keyword Stats [27th March 2005]
Oops! We did it again! Better stats for You! [31st October 2004]
Returning Visit Stats, Drill Downs, Email Reports, Secure Tracking and a Disable Ads Option [15th September 2004]
Customer Representative Wanted (Work From Home) [24th August 2004]
Taking On More Websites [8th February 2004]
Waiting for more Servers in February [6th January 2004]
What country, state, city, isp are your visitors coming from? [30th December 2003]
The Holidays Are Coming! [13th December 2003]
So much to do ... so little time (anyone want email reports?) [12th November 2003]
Third StatCounter Re-Launch! [31st October 2003]
StatCounter's Third Relaunch SC3 [28th September 2003]
You didn't just delay it again. Did you? [22nd September 2003]
It's really coming this time [16th September 2003]
So where is it!? [13th September 2003]
You asked for it! [23rd August 2003]
Benchmarking, benchmarking, benchmarking ... [19th July 2003]
Database Server Upgrade [17th July 2003]
New StatCounter Staff Member [15th July 2003]
Magnify - Detailed User Report [8th July 2003]
Most Popular Pages [18th June 2003]
Browser and Operating System Stats [16th June 2003]
Country Stats Improved [15th June 2003]
Most Advanced Statistic To Date 'Path' [26th May 2003]
Statistics Upgrade - Increased Tracking Ability [15th April 2003]
Stability and Reliability [9th March 2003]
Welcome To The New System [4th March 2003]
We're upgrading ... [27th January 2003]
Thank You [10th July 2002]