Customer Representative Wanted (Work From Home) [24th August 2004]

Pay Range Very negotiable depending on experience and time available, we're wide open on this one from US$ 5,000 - 20,000 a year.

Background StatCounter isn't a traditional company we're trying to become the best and most popular web tracker in the world, but we are also trying to become a model for how a 21st century small business can be run, we want to break the old rules. We want an international work force, with international customers. Our focus is always on delivering the best possible service and value for money to our members. We are committed to getting the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Outstanding ability is rewarded, and we'll need your ideas and help as we grow. We like to change and adapt our ways, if it means better service for our members.

Job Summary Business Developer / Service Monitoring / Sales Representative / Account Auditor - It's a real hands on position.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain and negotiate advertising on website
  • Monitor the service - immediately alert maintenance in event of any downtime
  • Help members install the code into their websites
  • Answer support queries via the support system, forum, emails and phone
  • Upgrading and downgrading accounts
  • Auditing customer accounts

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Excellent communication skills via email, im, phone, ticket system and online forum absolutely critical and essential.
  • Good common sense, flexibility and dedication
  • Excellent English is essential. All foreign languages are a plus.
  • Simple HTML skills and knowledge of FTP and simple updates to a website
  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.
  • Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems.

Special Requirements Full home based job, must have stable broadband connection (preferrabily with a static ip address, but not essential) and phone.

Contact Details

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