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Price shoppers wasting your time?

Time wasters and price shoppers can eat up valuable time you could be spending creating targeted proposals for serious sales leads and winning more business. Statcounter helps you gauge the usefulness of a sales lead by answering the following questions:

How did visitors find your website?

You've paid for ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram and are creating blog posts to help generate visits from organic search.

Statcounter shows you which methods are working and where should you invest more time by showing you where your traffic is coming from, from aggregate breakdown all the way down to individual referrer link detail.

How long did visitors spend on your website?

Serious leads spend more time on your website. Price shoppers and time wasters are gone in seconds.

Statcounter shows you the exact amount of time each visitor spends so you can guage if they are a lead worth following up with.

Which pages did your visitors look at?

Were they looking at Weddings or Portraits? Which galleries peaked their interest? Did they check the pricing page? Having this kind of knowledge before you talk to your prospects helps you to be fully prepared.

Statcounter's Visitor Paths feed shows you the pages your visitors looked at in the order they looked at them.

Are they on your website right now?

When a potential customer calls you, chances are they'll be browsing your website at the same time.

Statcounter shows you their activity in real time as they navigate through your website and lets you Label them to help identify future visits.

Have they been on your website before?

Repeat visits to your website are a good indicator of a lead with a strong intention to make a booking.

Statcounter's Visitor Activity feed shows you the number of visits for each of your visitors.

When is the best time to follow up?

Knowing when a lead has returned to your website lets you know the best time to follow up with them.

Statcounter's Visitor Alerts let you know when a visitor returns to your website. You can choose to get notified by email and via the Statcounter mobile app.

Works on your favourite platforms

We have easy to follow installation guides for over 70 popular website platforms and editors.

Trusted on over 2 Million websites.

Statcounter has been helping photographers and small businesses understand their website visitors since 1999 and is now installed on over 2 million websites.

Commercial Photographer
"I can see if a client is just phoning me up because they have a budget and need quotes from five photographers. I'll immediately check on Statcounter and if they've only been on my site for a few seconds, then I know that it's not a serious interest, they're just gathering figures."
Wedding & Fine Art Photographer
"I have Google Analytics on my site but I never ever check it because I don't feel like they give you the information in an easily digestible format. Whereas with Statcounter, it's easier for me to see what's going on with my site."

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