Growth Plan

Growth Plan converts your visitor data into actionable insights that help you increase your revenue.

Growth Plan is an exciting new service from StatCounter that converts the data we collect from your web traffic into actionable insights that help you increase your revenue. It’s available to all StatCounter members for just €24.99 / $29.99 per month.

If you’ve just signed up or are about to sign up for a StatCounter account, the Growth Plan will appear as an optional upgrade on your dashboard two weeks after you sign up. The two week delay for new members ensures we have enough initial data to work with. We encourage you to check it out even if you don't plan on upgrading - some of these new features are 100% free for everyone!

Site revenue

Your Annual Site Revenue is a prediction of how much money your site will make your business per year in its current state. This is calculated by robust predictive analytics. Many online factors contribute to your site revenue such as visitor experience, mobile optimization, traffic, and social marketing, as well as offline factors like how much your typical customer spends, zip code, etc… We’re here to help you grow your Annual Site Revenue as much as possible.

Industry ranking

Industry ranking

Quickly see how your website stacks up against the competition. StatCounter compares your website against similar websites and gives you an easy to understand score across four aggregated metrics (updated daily). Wondering how you stack up in terms of visitor engagement or social presence? Find out in seconds.


StatCounter monitors your website 24/7 and generates an alert if we notice anything abnormal in your data. Unlike most alert systems you don’t even need to do anything, as soon as you are an upgraded member StatCounter starts to utilize sophisticated math to track your key metrics automatically. We even alert you if we notice something great! For instance, if you have a post on Facebook that generates a lot of traffic we’ll congratulate you and encourage you to do more posts that are similar.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Insights arranged into easy to follow tasks to improve your ranking across traffic, social media, mobile traffic and user experience and increase your revenue.

Daily health score

Your Daily Health Score is the quickest way to see how your site has performed over the last 14 days. If leads or sales have dropped over the last few days take a quick look at your health score to easily find out if your website isn’t meeting predictions.

30 day forecast

StatCounter utilizes robust predictive algorithms to give you better insights into how your site will perform in the future across key metrics like traffic, returning visitors, and social traffic.

Growth opportunities

StatCounter uses sophisticated technology to analyze your historical and current data in order to find easy wins to help you grow. StatCounter even shows you the value to your business of performing certain activities. For instance, if we notice your website’s mobile bounce rate (people that leave after looking at only one page) is significantly higher than your desktop bounce rate we will show you how to keep those mobile visitors around longer and what we estimate it is worth! Nothing is easier, and it’s almost like having a digital marketing expert join your team.

Custom learning tracks

Custom learning tracks

A huge and constantly updated library of content including thousands of videos, articles and e-books organized into custom learning tracks will help you get the most out of your site.

Social Analytics

Once you’ve synced your Facebook analytics with StatCounter we will be able to tell you things like:

  • Best Times to Post
  • Top Performing Posts & Ads
  • Engagement from Fan Demographics (i.e. Age & Gender)
  • Likes & Shares - Month over Month
  • Video Views
  • 7 / 14 / 30 Day Comparisons

Online Marketing Experts

The StatCounter Growth team consists of over 20 digital marketing experts that are committed to your success. We constantly monitor the search engines for changes and follow industry best practices in everything from user engagement to advertising. As a member we’ll keep you updated on the latest trends and we are always here to help you grow. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you feel stuck or just need an expert to talk with.

Please note: Growth Plan will not work on platforms that don’t allow JavaScript.

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