Success Stories.

Chris Granat is the founder of Flamingo Agency, a Web Designer and SEO consultancy based in Chicago that provides digital marketing services to small and medium sized businesses.
Quentin James tells us about transitioning from traditional graphic design to website design and how ease-of-use makes Statcounter the right fit for his clients.
How Brandon from BDG grew his business from freelancer to agency with over 160 clients.
George Bounacos from Silver Beacon Marketing tells us how he uses Statcounter to help nonprofits and small businesses build their audiences online.
Andi Lucas shows us how Hummingbird Marketing Services helps small businesses grow online using a data-centric approach to digital marketing.
We spoke with Primary Image founder and owner Mike Pead about how being an active member of the WordPress community helps drive sales and how he uses insights from Statcounter to proactively manage sales and support enquiries

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