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Manage multiple websites from your Statcounter account. Learn how to add and delete projects and transfer projects between accounts.

Did you know that your Statcounter account can track an unlimited number of projects? Whether you're an agency managing multiple websites for clients or a business running a website, a blog and an ecommerce store, we’ll show you how to add and manage multiple projects.

The Projects page is the default page you see when you log in to Statcounter. This page serves as the gateway to all of your projects. The other pages in the Projects section help you manage your projects and stay organized.

You can always get back to the projects section using the Projects link in the top navigation.

Add a New Project

To add a new project, log in to Statcounter and select Add Project from the navigation sidebar. The process is very similar to when you added your first project when you signed up for an account. After completing the Add Project form, you'll be prompted to insert the code on your website, after which you'll be brought back to the Projects page where your new project will appear in the list.

See our Installation section for help with inserting the Statcounter code.

Manage Your Projects

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the tools available to you for managing multiple projects as you grow your business and add more projects over time.

Organize Projects

You can organize your projects into groups or delete them by ticking the relevant checkboxes, then selecting the options at the bottom of the page. Project Groups are often used to organize large numbers of projects by Client or Topic.

Transfer Projects

If you have multiple Statcounter accounts, you may wish to transfer all your projects to a single account. This has the benefit of ease of management and comparison between projects.

Adjust Log Space

Here you can increase or reduce the amount of log space available to each of your projects and ensure you have adequate log duration for your higher volume projects.

Deleted Projects

When you delete a project, it is stored for a period of 8 weeks to give you an opportunity to restore it in case you made a mistake. After that time, projects are permanently deleted from Statcounter.

Email Reports

Configure email reports for yourself, team members, or clients. Read our guide, Configure Your Email Reports, for more details.

Blocking Cookie

Set or delete your blocking cookie to keep your own visits from showing up on your reports. Learn more about how to Block Your Own Visits.

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