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Make informed decisions about design and content by examining the navigation paths your visitors take through your website.

Visitor Paths shows the navigation paths visitors take through your website and how long they spent on each page. See their entrance and exit pages as well as the pages they visit during each session. Reference this report to see if visitors flow through your site the way you expect, and gauge how well they interact with your content.

This report also highlights sites that refer traffic to your pages, so you can reach out to sites that are sending you quality traffic, and block those that may be sending you bad traffic. View this report in concert with our Visitor Activity and Page View Activity reports to identify structural and content tweaks that will help you grow engagement and achieve your site goals.

To begin, go to the Project you want to explore, expand the Recent Activity menu in the navigation sidebar and select Visitor Paths.

Anatomy of a Visitor Path

Each Visitor Path includes a list of URLs and times visited, starting with the most recent activity at the top. Downloads and Exit Links won't appear in every visitor path and are colour coded for easy recognition.

  1. Referring URL

    All referring URLs are displayed in green. This first referring URL in the visitor path shows the visitor came from a search results page and landed on the homepage on March 2nd at 12:33 and 48 seconds.

  2. Page View

    This next row shows an internal referring URL in green, which is the home page, and a visit to the site's products page.

  3. Download

    Download URLs are always displayed in brown. This example shows that the visitor downloaded a PDF file from the products page.

  4. Another Page View

    The visitor then navigated from the About page to the Contact page.

  5. Exit Link

    And finally, on the Contact page the visitor clicked a link to Twitter, which is a link to a page outside the website, also known as an exit link. Exit links are always displayed in purple.

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  • Posted on Nov 30 2022 at 20:27 by rcplanes
    Some exit links are not recorded/shown.

    Could it be due to the visitors' cookie settings?
  • Posted on May 22 2022 at 18:51 by Simonalkenmayer
    I've installed this dozens of times and verified that the code was right and I still cant see any links like this. It just says "unknown". It used to work. The minute I upgrade everything stops. It's absolutely absurd.

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