How can I make sure my visits aren't counted when I load my site?

We have two ways to try and keep your visits from being counted when you load your site.

First method : Blocking cookie

These steps will setup a "blocking cookie" in your browser that will prevent your hits from being counted.

1. Login to StatCounter

2. Click the "Blocking Cookie" link towards the top / middle of the screen

3. Click the "Creating blocking cookie for all projects" button

4. The page should reload and the button should now say "Destroy blocking cookie for all projects". This means the blocking cookie has been successfully setup.

Second method : IP blocking

These steps will let you add your IP address to a list of addresses who's hits will not be logged.

You can see your IP address at this site :


1. Login to StatCounter.

2. Click the mini-wrench icon to the right of the project name you want to modify.

3. Click the "Edit Settings" link.

4. Towards the bottom there is a section named "IP Blocking". Enter the IP address range here. If your IP address is for example please use the following format, 24.150.*.*

The * instructs StatCounter not to worry about this bit of the IP address. This is important because it's very common for internet providers to change these numbers over time. If we entered the exact IP there is a good chance that within a month the visits will begin to be logged again due to the IP change.

5. Check the box in the section called "Update IP Blocking in All Projects?" if you want to block the visits in all of your projects.

6. Click the "Edit Project" button.

The IP should now be added to the blocking list.

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