I've seen an intrusive/offensive/annoying advert on StatCounter - what can I do?

Firstly, we're very sorry that you have witnessed an unpleasant ad on StatCounter.

Showing advertising on StatCounter is necessary to fund the free service we offer, however, we strive to only allow high quality, professional ads that do not interfere with your use of the StatCounter site.

We run ads from over 100 different ad networks on StatCounter in different parts of the world. To help us locate the unpleasant ad and take appropriate action, we would be grateful if you could provide us with as much as possible of the following information:

  • The city/state and country where the ad was seen e.g. London, England
  • Browser name e.g. Internet Explorer/Firefox
  • Ad position e.g. top or side
  • Frequency - did you see the ad several times or just once? (NOTE: We ask this question to determine if the ad is frequency capped or not - this helps us to locate the ad. We believe that seeing an unpleasant ad even once on StatCounter is not acceptable.)
  • Description - tell us what the ad looks like, what brand is involved and what is unpleasant about the ad
  • Click URL - this is the initial URL/website address which is loaded when you click the ad. In many cases you can obtain the click URL by RIGHT-clicking on the ad and selecting "properties". We need the "address" information. NOTE: if the ads are made using Flash, then "properties" will not be available as an option when you right-click the ad.
  • Destination URL - this is the ultimate URL/website address you are brought to if you click the ad. NOTE: Please do not click the ad if you are uncomfortable about doing so.
  • Screenshot - if possible, take a sceenshot of the unpleasant ad. (Note: You cannot immediately submit the screenshot to us as our support system does not accept attachments - this is for security reasons. As soon as we receive your query, however, we will contact you directly for the image.)

All of the above information should be submitted to us EITHER:
  1. By logging into StatCounter and clicking the "Support" link in the top navigation bar OR;
  2. By completing this web form.

As different ads are served in different locations around the globe we depend on you, our members, to alert us to any issues. We are very grateful to each of you who assists us in making sure that only well behaved ads are shown on StatCounter.

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