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How do I know if I have a Joomlashack Wright Framework template?

Follow our general instructions for installing StatCounter on a Joomla site.

If you are using a Joomlashack Wright Framework template and you click "Edit Main Page Template", you will NOT see any body tags:
< body> < /body>

Instead you will see text similar to this:

* @copyright Copyright (C) DATE Joomlashack LLC
* @author NAME :: Joomlashack

// no direct access
defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');

// Include the framework
require(dirname(__FILE__).DS.'wright'.DS.'wright.p hp');

// Initialize the framework and
$tpl = Wright::getInstance();

* You are a brave soul for venturing into the land of code and programming.
* We salute you. First, you need to know this template is just a little different. In order to provide some extra features, we've altered a few little things about how traditional Joomla templates work.
* Meet Wright, our new framework. It will be under regular development, so expect to see different features come out over time as we find a need for them. You can see the folder named wright in the template. Anything inside of that folder shouldn't be altered unless you are really good with PHP. Don't blame us if you alter something there and break your template, we told you so. That said, there are plenty of ways to customize and use Wright, which you can do easily without overwriting the default code.
* If you go into the administrator and edit this template, you will see a link to some documentation and help. Start there and it will get you going.
* Thanks again for purchasing and we hope you enjoy working with our templates!*/

You can follow this method to install StatCounter on a Wright Framework template.

Or you can try some alternative methods for installing StatCounter on Joomla.

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