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How do I install StatCounter on a Joomla site using a Joomlashack Wright Framework template?

Joomla templates built using the Wright Framework have a different structure to traditional templates. The index.php file no longer holds the template content. Instead the template.php file holds the content.

You can learn more about the Wright Framework template structure here.

(Want to check if you have a Joomlashack Wright Framework template?)

When using a Joomlashack Wright Framework template, here is what you should do to install StatCounter:

  1. Log in to your server - this is usually done using your FTP details - and navigate to your Joomla files.
  2. Go to your templates and then to your TEMPLATE NAME (e.g. Jubilee) folder. (The TEMPLATE NAME depends on the template you are using.)
  3. Inside this folder you will see a file called template.php. Copy this file and save the copy as custom.php. (Don't make changes to template.php - just leave that file there unchanged so you have a backup of the original file if you ever need it.)
  4. Paste your StatCounter code in the custom.php file, just before the closing < /body> tag.
  5. Save the changes and that's it! StatCounter will now begin tracking stats for your website.

Note 1: If you change your template, you should reinstall your StatCounter code to ensure continued collection of your stats.

Note 2: Several other alternative methods for installing StatCounter on Joomla are available.

These instructions have been compiled and verified using Joomla 1.7 in October 2011. Similar installation procedures apply for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 and the above instructions will act as a guide in these cases also.

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