Can I still use StatCounter despite the new UK Cookie legislation?

Although we are not qualified to give expert legal opinion, we can share some information with you to help you make a decision on the use of StatCounter.

A large number of UK websites appear to be interpreting the new cookie legislation in a practical way. For example, the BBC, BT and Channel4 are advising visitors that they DO use cookies and that the visitors can opt out of cookies if they wish.

BBC Cookies

BT Cookies

Channel4 Cookies

This appears to be a practical intepretation of the law and achieves the general aim of providing people with information and choice about cookies.

You may decide to take a similar approach and advise your visitors that you use StatCounter and give them an option to refuse StatCounter analytics cookies. Your visitors can refuse these cookies by visiting this page.

Alternatively, you can choose to completely opt-out of using StatCounter analytics cookies on your site:

StatCounter Cookie Opt-Out
  • Go to the "Projects" tab of your StatCounter account.
  • Click the wrench/spanner icon to access the configuration area of your project.
  • Click "Cookie Opt-Out" in the left menu bar and follow the directions.
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