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Filter Your Reports

Filters are a powerful feature that enable you to cut through the noise of your web traffic and surface the information you're really interested in.

Getting Started with Filters

  1. While Logged in to Statcounter, visit your Projects page. Navigate to the relevant project by clicking on the project title.
  2. From the navigation sidebar, select any report in the Recent Activity or Reports sections.
  3. Click on the Filters button at the top of your reports to expand the menu to view the available filters.
  4. Select a filter, and an additional menu will appear. You'll be able to type in your filter option or select an option from a drop-down menu, depending on which filter you're using. Once you make your selection, the page will refresh showing only your filtered data.
  5. You also have the option to select Exclude filters by clicking the "=" sign and "Exclude" a filter to see everything except the filter data you’ve selected.

Some Useful Filter Examples

As your Statcounter projects build more traffic data, filters will become an increasingly valuable tool for surfacing important information. To help you get started, here are a few examples that illustrate how Statcounter members are using filters.

Zone in on Location

Perhaps you run a local business and you’re most interested in seeing stats on your website visitors from the surrounding area. Or you might want to zone in on visitors from a particular country or region. Use the Town/City, State/Region and Country filters to filter by location.

Check For Click Fraud

Running a Bing or Google Ad campaign? Check for fraudulent clicks in the Visitor Activity report and filter Ads Clicked Per Visitor to see if a single visitor is clicking on ads repeatedly.

See How Shoppers Got to Your Checkout

See the path shoppers took to your checkout page by selecting the Visitor Paths report and filtering on your checkout page URL using the Page or Page Title filters.

Track Your Downloads

The Download Activity report shows information on which files have been downloaded from your website. This is very helpful if you offer downloadable content as a critical step in your sales funnel. Filter downloads by File Type or Download Link Match to track activity.

Get More From Filters

Filters become increasingly useful as the amount of data in your projects increases. Create Visitor Labels and you'll be able to filter your visitors by label. Oh, and don’t forget if you Block Your Own Activity you won't have to filter your own IP address out each time you view a report.

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  • Posted on May 21 2022 at 15:28 by hsamoneymaker
    I'm not sure "Exit Activity" is working properly.
    Would you be so kind and check that for me.
    Thank you

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