Using Statcounter

Watch a live update of your visitors

Give the refresh button a break and watch your visitor activity update automatically.

Available on the Premium Plan with 250,000 Log Space or above.

Visitor Activity & Page View Activity

The Live Update feature is available on your Visitor Activity and Page View Activity reports and updates your reports automatically as soon as a new visitor or page view appears on your website so you don't need to refresh the report in your browser.

To activate Live Update, expand the Recent Activity menu in the left navigation sidebar and select either Visitor Activity or Page View Activity. Switch the Live Update toggle switch directly above the report to On.

Live Update Toggle

Now, for every new visitor or page view, you will see your report update automatically without needing to refresh your browser. The new entry will appear highlighted in blue for a few seconds.

Projects Page

Live Update also works automatically on your Projects page. Watch your Page Views or Sessions update on-the-fly for each of your projects.

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  • Posted on Dec 3 2020 at 09:21 by jonszegota
    Does not display the live toggle on either Chrome or Firefox
    • Posted on Dec 3 2020 at 09:58 by Aodhan
      The live toggle is only available on the premium plan of 250,000 or higher.
  • Posted on Dec 9 2019 at 20:18 by
    Does not register my activity if I am using BRAVE browser :/

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