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Set Up Multiple Users

Give your clients or website stakeholders secure access to your Statcounter projects. Learn how to set up multiple users and grant access and permissions.

With Statcounter, you can set up multiple users under your account and grant them varying degrees of access to your projects. This feature makes managing accounts much easier for you and your team. Configure access for friends, site contributors, co-workers, or clients and they can access reports and view stats at any time. You’ll never have to share your password, and you can set each member’s level of access to control the kind of information they see.

If you run a busy site or work on behalf of clients, adding users could reduce the amount of calls or emails you get regarding site performance while helping everyone stay up-to-date on site activity.

Add a New User

  1. To add a new user, log in to Statcounter and select Add User from the User Dropdown Menu on the right-hand-side of the header.
  2. On the Add New User page, fill in details including name, contact information, password, country and timezone details.
  3. Select the Access Rights that you want your new user to have.
    • Admin
      This gives the user FULL access to your account including adding and deleting other users and projects.
    • Web Designer
      This gives the user limited access only to the projects checked under Project Access. They can view stats and configure the tracking and installation code.
    • Billing
      This gives the user limited access only to the projects checked under Project Access. They can view stats, view and pay billing statements and upgrade/downgrade your account.
    • Stats Viewer
      This gives the user the ability to view the projects checked under Project Access. The user can not edit billing information or configure your account.
    • Summary Stats Viewer
      This is the most restricted access. The user can view only summary stats on the projects checked under Project Access.
  4. Set Project Access by checking the box for each project that’s appropriate for your new user.
  5. After you review the details, tap the Add New User button.

Update or Delete Users

To update access for a team member, or to delete a user, select the All Users tab. Locate the user profile you want to update on the list and click on their name to edit their settings. To delete the user, simply click the trash can icon to the right of their record.

More About Managing Users

Adding new users gives them the ability to log into Statcounter to access to information and reports. You may want to configure email reports that will give them daily, weekly, or monthly reminders of the projects they’re connected to. Learn more about how to Configure Email Reports for your users so they get the most out of their Statcounter experience.

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